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Solar Solutions Overview

Add solar to your coal-fired power plant. Solar is no longer a dream as evidenced by the 175+ projects the Fosler BW team has implemented, with over two Gigawatts of clean solar power production now under its supervision.

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A-S-H® Overview

B&W is the original equipment manufacturer of all Allen-Sherman-Hoff®, aka A-S-H® handling equipment, systems and replacement parts.

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SPIG™ Overview

B&W Environmental, through its SPIG® product line, operates globally supplying an extensive range of turnkey cooling systems. Since 1936, we have designed, engineered and installed many state-of-the-art cooling system projects.

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Spiral Wound Universal Pressure Boiler

Our proven supercritical Spiral Wound Universal Pressure Boiler (SWUP) designs can meet today’s demand for highly efficient, variable pressure steam conditions.

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Universal Pressure Boiler (UP®)

B&W's once-through Universal Pressure Boiler (UP®) boiler for supercritical applications, usually applied to systems with a capacity of 400 MW or larger.

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Vertical Tube Universal Pressure Boiler (VTUP™)

The Vertical Tube Universal Pressure Boiler (VTUP™) design features a water-cooled dry-bottom furnace, superheater, reheater, economizer, and air heater components.

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ESP Parts and Service

B&W’s PrecipTech™ ESP aftermarket parts, services and upgrades can help reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve reliability and safety, and enhance overall performance and efficiency.

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Diamond Power® Gemini® Nozzle for Improved Boiler Cleaning

The Diamond Power® Gemini® sootblower nozzle outperforms other nozzle designs with its patented, cast body and staggered jets. It is engineered to reduce steam consumption and increase cleaning energy by up to 29% in some installations (compared to alternative designs).

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Diamond Power® EAPC™ Poppet Valve Sootblower Control System

The latest EAPC Poppet Valve Sootblower Control System can be adjusted externally, while the sootblower is running, without binding or galling.

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Progressive Helix Mechanism (PHM)

B&W's Diamond Power® Progressive Helix Mechanism (PHM) ensures hundreds of operating cycles are required before the nozzle repeats the same cleaning path. This allows for a more complete cleaning coverage and significantly reduces tube damage due to erosion.

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