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Bottom Ash Technologies

Submerged grind conveyors, dewatering bins

Bottom Ash Systems

Hydrobin® Dewatering Bin

Proven, reliable approach for dewatering bottom ash

  • Gravity-driven water/solids separation
  • Low initial cost, shortest lead time
  • No outage required for installation
  • Utilizes existing hydraulic transport system (no modifications to boiler)
  • Located remote from boiler, small footprint
  • Ideal for batch transport of bottom ash
  • Up to 72-hour storage capacity
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Submerged Grind Conveyor (SGC) System

Offers maximized results and minimized modifications to the existing footprint.

  • Meets zero-discharge bottom ash removal requirements
  • Simplified and cost-effective system
  • Offers flexibility in design to avoid disruption to operations and shorten installation time and costs
  • Reduces conversion costs by retaining existing ash hoppers and boiler seal plates
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Submerged Chain Conveyor  

Efficiently removes bottom ash from boilers burning solid fuels such as coal, bark, wood or refuse.

  • Eliminates storage ponds
  • Removes material using less power
  • Uses less water to operate
  • Automatic ash dewatering
  • Less maintenance with fewer components
  • Easy access for inspection or maintenance
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Remote Submerged Chain Conveyor

  • Eliminates storage ponds
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance
  • Flexible design allows multiple ash disposal options
  • Up to twice the storage time of a submerged chain conveyor system installed under the boiler
  • Located remote from the boiler
  • Easy retrofit to plant having an existing bottom ash slurry transport system
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