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STEAM/its generation and use

42nd edition

ISBN 978-0-9634570-2-8 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 92-74123 ISSN 1556-5173

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STEAM / its generation and use

The newly released 42nd edition of Steam/its generation and use, a book written and published by B&W, details advances in the production of steam and the utilization of all types of fuels. This 2015 edition has once again been thoroughly updated and revised, including completely rewritten sections on combustion technologies, advanced steam generator designs, environmental protection, and nuclear applications.

STEAM remains the longest continuously published engineering text of its kind in the world. This edition marks the 140th anniversary of the first edition which was published in 1875, not long after an engineer named Stephen Wilcox, Jr., applied his knowledge of water circulation theory to perfecting a new and safe boiler concept. Today, B&W is an internationally acknowledged leader and authority in all aspects of steam generation, from fundamentals and research, to engineering and manufacturing, service and construction, and protecting the environment. We continue to share our expertise through the publication of STEAM.

An electronic version of STEAM 42 is included on a CD in every copy.

Contained in more than 1,200 pages, this renowned reference for the steam generation industry is thoroughly indexed and also includes useful engineering tables and equations, and a summary of boiler codes and standards.

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