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Cooling Tower Inspections and Online Monitoring

Optimizing plant performance

Cooling Tower Inspections and Online Monitoring

Since 1936, we have committed to assure high quality and outstanding service by optimizing customers’ plant performance for profitability and costs reduction.

Highly qualified technicians, supported by advanced measuring instruments, provide cooling tower inspections by testing existing installations, then advising on the most prudent course of action for improved operation. Detailed reports with clear recommendations provide the operator with the confidence of working with us. We provide inspection, testing and component supply of a wide range of equipment, including fan stack, mechanical group, drift eliminator, spray nozzle and filling.

SPIG InspectionsCooling tower inspections include: 

  • Capabilities for wet, dry, hybrid and specialty cooling systems regardless of OEM
  • Thermal performance assessment
  • Structural integrity evaluation
  • Remaining life assessment
  • Full reports with custom maintenance plans

B&W also provides:

  • Services and support for all cooling system applications
  • Online monitoring systems
  • Replacement parts for all OEMs
  • Cooling system upgrades
  • New build cooling applications
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Online Monitoring System

In addition to our cooling tower inspections, our commitment to continually help customers optimize their plant performance led our engineers to develop the UNICO online monitoring system. This unique global service monitors and analyzes critical performance data of cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers during operation. This patented continuous monitoring system is suitable to analyze and process many parameters and equipment conditions. The UNICO online monitoring system assures cooling plant efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs, and timely site expert action while significantly reducing unexpected failures.

The system is based on a network of localized smart units that collect data and converts them into digital form, sending them to a supervisory system using wireless technology. The supervisory system validates and integrates the data in a single database. The system processes the acquired information to check process parameters' variability and equipment reliability. It also detects potential problems, generates alarms and determines counteractions that prevent loss of plant performance.

The unique UNICO online monitoring system can yield direct improvements to the plant in the following areas:

  • production output
  • avoidance or reduction of the number of unscheduled shutdowns
  • reduction of secondary damage resulting from the failure of any one component of the cooling system
  • enhancement of spare parts inventory control
  • maximum utilization of the investment with the overall resulting improvement in health and safety standards

UNICO - SPIG Online Monitoring Software

SPIG UNICO Online System

Customers can also benefit from the following:

  • continuous vibration monitoring
  • gear box oil temperature diagnoses
  • ambient temperature monitoring

With the acquired data, early planning can be secured for onsite expert actions, technical support, preventive maintenance and quick and simple installation. Having real-time access and control of your cooling plant’s operating condition, maintenance costs can be reduced, and equipment performance is optimized.

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UNICO - SPIG Online Monitoring Device