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Boiler Cleaning Replacement Parts and Performance Upgrades

Enhance Your Boiler Cleaning

Boiler Cleaning Replacement Parts and Performance Upgrades

B&W provides high performance boiler cleaning products for its Diamond Power® sootblowers as well as most other brands, including Clyde-Bergemann and Copes Vulcan. Our Assured Stock Program® inventory management system is available to plan your specific material requirements and minimize inventory levels.

An experienced product support staff with access to detailed component lists is dedicated to providing the correct OEM parts for your specific application, vintage, model and brand of boiler cleaning equipment. Our engineered upgrades are evaluated for potential savings in cleaning media usage.

Diamond Power® Boiler Cleaning Parts & Service

Phone: +1 740 687 4160 or toll free within North America 1 800 848 5086

After-hours Emergencies 1 800 876 9762


Replacement Parts & Upgrades

Gemini® Nozzles

The Gemini nozzle provides a significant cleaning energy improvement compared to other available nozzles by providing high impact pressures on the deposits. In many cases, cleaning can be improved while reducing steam flow.

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EAPC™ Externally Adjustable Poppet Valve

This advanced poppet valve is designed for long retractable sootblowers and allows the pressure setting to be easily adjusted while the sootblower is operating.

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Progressive Helix Mechanism (PHM)

The progressive helix mechanism substantially reduces sootblower-induced boiler tube erosion by precise indexing with each blower cycle so the nozzle cleaning path is different with each successive cycle.

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PowerTrain® Carriage

The PowerTrain carriage offers high-temperature service without periodic maintenance. This unique, maintenance-free carriage is designed to operate reliably and without leakage.

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Diamonized® Feed Tubes

The Diamonized feed tube provides a highly scratch- and wear-resistant surface for maximum availability. This is a true, surface hardening of the base 304 SST material which greatly increases packing and feed tube life.

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Heat Transfer Sensors

B&W’s heat transfer sensors are designed and manufactured for long life and reliability and are available for special applications such as small diameter furnace tubing or rifled tube applications.

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Live-Loaded Feed Tube Packing Gland

Excessive steam and condensate leakage in sootblower feed tubes can lead to high operating and maintenance costs. Our live-loaded packing gland prolongs packing life, eliminates the need to torque-set packing nuts and springs, and allows easy monitoring of packing wear.

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Gauges and Level Indicators

B&W provides quality replacement parts for a wide range of gauge and level indicators. We also provide sight glass, covers and bolts for most of the Diamond Power legacy products.

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Sootblower Tubular Products

Replacement lance and feed tubes are available which meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer’s design standards.

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IK Series One Carriage Rebuild Kits

These kits provide a comprehensive parts package for in-house rebuilding of IK sootblower carriages (non-Diamond Power® Powertrain® carriages).

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Diamond Power® Stainless Steel AISI 316L Wallbox

Our stainless steel AISI 316L sootblower wallbox for recovery boiler and utility applications is ideal for areas of extensive corrosion, including places where flue gas interacts with steam.

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Site Services for Diamond Power® Boiler Cleaning and Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Material Handling Products

Through a dedicated team of professionals, B&W provides onsite services focused on the proper operation and maintenance of your boiler cleaning and material handling systems. Our complete turnkey services encompass all onsite installation, project management and technical oversight, including necessary labor, equipment, tools and consumables.

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Aftermarket Services

B&W’s sootblower component rebuild and upgrade services can help extend the life of your existing Diamond Power or other suppliers’ equipment. Our service centers are fully equipped for a wide range of services, from simple poppet valve rebuilds to complete sootblower refurbishment.

Equipment Rebuilds and Upgrades/Exchanges

 Carriage Related  Sootblower Related
 IK-555 carriage  A2E rotary puff sootblower
 IK-545 carriage  G9B rotary sootblower
 IK-525 carriage (both pre-series one and series one)  IR rotary wall sootblower
 IK-4M carriage  Poppet valve (both standard and EAPC)
 IK-600 carriage  Poppet valve EAPC exchange
 IK-700 carriage  IR-3Z sootblower upgrade or exchange
 IK-AH carriage  Complete sootblower refurbishment
 Powertrain carriage conversions and equipment exchanges  Auxiliary support refurbishment  
 Full grease carriage conversions and equipment exchanges  AH diaphragm-operated poppet valve conversion to an air cylinder operator
 Full oil bath carriage conversions  Water level gauge rebuild