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Diamond Power® PowerTrain® Maintenance-free Carriage

The Diamond Power® PowerTrain® maintenance-free carriage from Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is the industry’s most reliable and long-lasting sootblower carriage available today. The PowerTrain carriage offers high-temperature service, without periodic maintenance. It really stands up, even under harsh operating conditions and frequent cycles.

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DP Power Train



No lubrication maintenance — ever

Since packing will be your only maintenance item, the PowerTrain carriage also eliminates cost. There’s never a need for lubrication maintenance because the carriage features self-lubricated bearings; at-assembly, lifetime gear-side lubrication; and low-friction, dry-film lubrication on the hub chamber’s gear set. Also, since there is no need to add lubricant, there’s never a housekeeping issue.

Extended service life, fewer required rebuilds

The PowerTrain carriage offers uncomparable longevity. Extensive testing in the lab and in operating installations worldwide proves it. Even after tens of thousands of cycles under harsh operating conditions, the PowerTrain carriage eliminates the need for periodic lubrication. And, depending on blowing pressure and cycle rate, it extends the mean time between required rebuilds beyond 50,000 operations. Even at 20 cycles per day, that’s potentially more than seven years of trouble-free operation.

Reliable operation, superior warranty coverage

The PowerTrain carriage comes with an unparalleled written warranty, for reliable operation without internal maintenance, for three (3) years or 30,000 operational cycles, whichever occurs first. Other than normal feed tube packing changes or adjustments (which are external to the carriage), the PowerTrain carriage requires no internal maintenance or lubrication during the warranty period.


Carriage Rebuild


  • No oil level to check; no oil to change
  • Lubricated-for-life gearbox
  • Self-lubricated bearings that withstand steam temperatures above 900F (482C) without the need for oil or grease
  • Isolated hub chamber
  • Advanced dry-film lubrication on the hub chamber’s gear set


The PowerTrain carriage is available:

  • for new equipment,
  • as a replacement, or
  • as a rebuild for these four-roller models: IK®-525R, IK-700R, IK-SD, IK-600 and IK-600 MX; and these two-roller models: IK-525B, IK-545B, IK-700 and IK-555C.

The PowerTrain carriage may be equipped with the usual options for threaded or bolted packing gland, indexing or non-indexing, feed tube size and emergency retract.