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Hybrid Cooling Towers

Optimal cooling system solution for plume abatement and water savings

Wet/Dry (Hybrid) Cooling Towers

B&W's SPIG environmentally friendly wet/dry (hybrid) cooling towers are the optimal solution for plume abatement and water savings.

Hybrid cooling towers are specifically designed to avoid visible plume in cold, humid ambient conditions and when local constraints require this technology, such as at airports, residential areas, etc.

The main advantages are no plume visibility, cost effectiveness and high performance.

B&W’s hybrid technology avoids environmental impact by coupling the wet cooling tower with a dry section (heat exchangers). The dry sections are basically conventional air-cooled heat exchangers located in the upper part of the structure above the drift eliminators. The tube bundle designs are commonly triangular pitch with fins.

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SPIG FRP Hybrid Cooling System

Wet/Dry (Hybrid) Cooling System

Video: Why choose hybrid cooling towers?

Watch this short video for answers to frequently asked questions about HCT technology and its many benefits.


How Wet/Dry (Hybrid) Cooling Systems Work

Hybrid Cooling Tower - SPIG - B&W



Air enters the tower

Air passes through the wet section

Air passes through the dry section

Air from the wet and dry sections rises and mixes above the fan, resulting in little or no visible plume

SPIG Hybrid Cooling System Diagram