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Heat Transfer Sensors

B&W’s Diamond Power® furnace heat transfer sensors play a vital role in successful furnace water cleaning applications.

This includes:

  • Protecting furnace tube walls from excessive thermal shock that can result in accelerated tube wall cracking
  • Adapting water flow and impact speed in Diamond Power Hydrojet® applications
  • Measuring furnace wall heat transfer and regional temperatures for intelligent sootblowing goals and cleaning adjustments
  • Providing information on real-time furnace slagging conditions for enhanced reliability, availability and longevity

We have supplied power generation utilities and other facilities around the world with more than 6,000 of our Diamond Power heat transfer sensors. Their accuracy and reliability make them integral components in both water cleaning and intelligent sootblowing systems.

Our heat transfer sensors have been designed, engineered and proven to last, with some plants reporting more than 13 years of reliable performance. Our sensors offer unique and important advantages that make them superior to competing alternatives.

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Heat Flex Sensor S Stamp