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Heat Recovery Steam Generators

Quality HRSG components, upgrades and manufacturing 

HRSG Replacement Components, Modules, HARPs and Tubes

Building on more than 150 years of experience in steam generation, B&W combines our proven industry experience and expertise in thermal technology to provide advanced Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) technologies. We provide reliable HRSG system upgrades and replacement components such as HARPs (high pressure evaporators), headers, superheaters, economizers, finned tubing and other pressure parts suitable for a wide range of combustion turbine applications for most major HRSG OEMs.

HRSG Component Capabilities

B&W provides a wide range of quality fabricated HRSG components from our manufacturing facility in Chanute, Kansas. Our quality workmanship is combined with a commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction. In addition to HRSG component fabrication, our capabilities include manufacturing specialty boilers, steam generation pressure parts, and related industrial engineered products.

  • Pressure part modules
  • HARPs or pressure part coils
  • Superheaters, economizers
  • Evaporative surface
  • Finned tubing
  • Headers
  • Casing
  • Inlet ducting
  • High pressure, intermediate pressure and low pressure steam drums
  • SCR/CO catalyst housing and frames

With more than 40 years of experience and expertise in the HRSG sector, you can rely on quality craftsmanship delivered from our team of engineering, production and project management experts.

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HRSG Products

Modular HRSG components and HARPs

B&W designs and manufactures both modular components for small and mid-sized HRSGs and individual coils or HARPs for large frame combined cycle units. We can also provide in-kind replacement pressure parts or engineered upgrades to correct material failure or operating problems for improved heat transfer, plant efficiency and reliability.

HRSG headers

We have over 33 years of industry-leading experience in the custom fabrication of HRSG headers and manifolds. We manufacture premium HRSG headers and manifolds for the most common joint styles used throughout the industry.

Our engineers can also provide upgraded replacement headers to resolve operating and mechanical issues. Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) can often be resolved by utilizing new material types to improve reliability and extend the life of the component. Our engineers are qualified to evaluate flow distribution, thermal expansion and perform applicable code calculations.

Finned tubes

Finned tubes (or fintubes) are a critical component at the heart of virtually every heat recovery system. To deliver maximum heating performance and efficiency, HRSG finned tubes require complex custom designs and precision fabrication capabilities. Our premium finned tubes are meticulously produced to exacting customer specifications, for fit, functionality and reliability.

Custom casing and inlet ducting

Our experience in custom manufactured casing solutions includes most types of internally insulated, floating liner designs used in the industry. Heavy steel fabrication equipment and overhead crane height provide sufficient capacity for the largest plates and components.

Economizers and feed water preheaters

HRSG economizers and feedwater preheaters are configured with vertical finned tubes connected with return bends or headers with cross over piping. We have fabricated economizer coils for virtually all HRSG OEMs and understand the unique features of each. We have significant experience in providing upgrades such as duplex stainless for dew point corrosion or redesigning return bend-type economizers to be vented.

We perform all manufacturing, from producing finned tubes to fabricating headers, and assembling the coil bundle. This eliminates the need for traveling to multiple locations to perform quality inspections.