A reputation for honesty and integrity is an important asset. The ethical conduct of our business and compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the laws and regulations that govern our operations build trust and respect with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the communities where we operate. When we set our standards high and live by what we preach, we improve the way we manage our own affairs, develop a reputation for integrity, and create an atmosphere of confidence between ourselves and those we do business with. This is essential for our success. B&W has developed standards of business conduct, which are described in our corporate policies and procedures, our Code of Business Conduct, the B&W Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery Compliance Manual, and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

The elements of the B&W Standards are important. Our Corporate policies govern our operations and provide guidelines for the everyday conduct of business. Our Code of Business Conduct describes in detail the ethical standards that govern all of our business operations.

Our compliance program provides a system to prevent and detect violations of the Code, our policies, and the laws and regulations that govern our business.

In today’s world, the line between the right choice and the wrong choice is not always clearly drawn. That is why we believe it is valuable to set and maintain high ethical standards outlined by our Code of Business Conduct and Corporate policies.


Asking for Guidance or Reporting a Concern

B&W’s core values and company standards require ethical conduct and compliance with our Code of Business Conduct, our policies, and the laws and regulations that govern our business. If you feel these standards have not been met, or if you have questions, please contact Ethics and Compliance through one of the communication channels below.


B&W Integrity Line

By web submission:



Country First Dialing Number Second Dialing Number
Australia 1-800-881-011 888-475-0003
Brazil Cellular: 0-800-888-8288
Canada 888-475-0003 ---
Czech Republic 
Finland 0800 416210 ---
Germany 0-800-225-5288 888-475-0003
India 000 8000 050 3303 ---
Indonesia 001-801-10 888-475-0003
Italy 800-172-444 888-475-0003
Korea 080-877-5419 ---

Por Cobra: 800-112-2020

Saudi Arabia 
Singapore 800 852 3913 ---
Thailand 1-800-0001-33 888-475-0003
UAE 800320553  
UK 866-800-4525 ---
USA 888-475-0003 ---