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Improving Performance & Reliability

Electrostatic Precipitator Technology, Parts and ServiceB&W’s electrostatic precipitator parts, services and upgrades can help reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve reliability and safety, and enhance overall performance and efficiency. We have experience with most OEMs, including PrecipTech, Joy Western, Buell, BHA and GE.

Capabilities include:

  • Engineered equipment upgrades
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Construction
  • Performance testing and monitoring
  • Equipment tuning and optimization
  • Remote diagnostic services
  • Field service engineering
  • Replacement parts
  • Continuous emissions monitoring systems

Our combination of innovative products and services include:

  • Collector plates
  • Rapper components and parts
  • Discharge electrodes
  • Insulators
  • Single- and 3-phase power supplies and controls
  • Access doors and door seals
  • Electrical performance enhancement hardware and software
  • Upgrades, rebuilds and conversions
  • 24/7 remote diagnostics
  • Field services and operating and maintenance training seminars
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Engineered Upgrades & Service

B&W provides a wide range of engineered electrostatic precipitator parts, systems and services designed to reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve reliability and safety, and enhance overall performance and efficiency, regardless of original manufacturer.

Upgrade Capabilities:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)B&W can upgrade virtually any existing ESP, regardless of manufacturer, including:
    • B&W PrecipTech
    • Hamon Research-Cottrell
    • Buell
    • Joy Western
    • BHA
    • GE
  • Internally rapped ESPs These upgrades improve the original unit design by adding electrical sections, increasing residence time by up to 30% for better performance, and allowing top access for easier maintenance.
  • Top-rapped ESPsB&W can rebuild weighted-wire or rigid frame-type ESPs with a more reliable rigid discharge electrode (RDE). Our quality RDEs are custom manufactured, with options for pin spacing, pin configuration and materials. We consider your process and transformer/rectifier (T/R) ratings, and can provide discharge electrodes of varying configurations to maximize power input in each ESP field.
  • Tumbling hammer conversions Our top-rapping conversion provides benefits that improve ESP performance, reliability and collection efficiency— all within the same footprint.
  • ESP rebuilds Backed by years of experience, we develop a customized rebuild plan using information gathered by analyzing and assessing ESP operation and physical equipment, and comparing it to production requirements and emissions reduction goals.
  • Adding or modifying electrical sectionalization - Adding electrical sections improves collection efficiency and provides more operating reliability.
  • Plate height extension - Plate height extensions yield more collecting surface area without increasing the footprint of the ESP. These wall extension frames are built on the ground with large beams pre-fabricated in the shop to minimize field labor and outage time.
  • Rapper re-sectionalization - Can reduce re-entrainment of dust and reduce the rapping intensity necessary to keep the plates clean.
  • ESP to fabric filter conversions

Service Capabilities:

  • InspectionsB&W offers world-class inspections to ensure that the entire ESP system functions as efficiently as possible. Expert field service engineers and technicians, utilizing experience with nearly every type of ESP in the world, assist in developing a comprehensive approach to maximize performance.
  • Operation and maintenance trainingWe conduct seminars designed to help you solve equipment problems effectively, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costly downtime. Proper operation of air emissions control equipment can directly impact your bottom line. These sessions focus on comprehensive training and understanding of air emissions control devices and new technologies.
  • Diagnostics (on-site and remote)Service is available 24/7 to analyze data from SQ-300®i or WinDAC® systems, PRC-100® rapper controllers, CPM® series emissions monitors, and non-B&W voltage controls—allowing instantaneous evaluation of ESP operation.
  • Performance optimization
  • Mechanical and electrical troubleshooting
  • Supervision of plant personnel during repairs
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Mechanical Components

Our vast industry experience enables us to provide integrated solutions to enhance equipment performance, regardless of original manufacturer. We provide quality components to help keep your ESP running efficiently and effectively. 

Our combination of innovative products include:

  • Collecting Plates
  • Discharge electrodes
  • Discharge electrode wires
  • Rapper components and parts
  • OEM direct replacement plates
  • Purge air systems
  • Insulators
  • Access doors
  • Door seals, gasketing materials
  • Straightening systems
  • Performance enhancement hardware
  • Power supply options
Mechanical Components ESP Parts Services Babcock Wilcox

Electrical Components

Voltage Dividers

Voltage dividers can be used to evaluate and troubleshoot ESP performance. Designed to maximize the functionality of existing voltage controls, they allow generation of V-I curves, operation of undervoltage alarms, or accurately evaluate ESP performance.

Variable inductance-current limiting reactor (VI-CLR)

This patented technology increases conduction time when the power supply in a field is operating below the rated limits of the T/R set. Its enhanced conduction boosts average current, average voltage and corona power. B&W’s VI-CLR helps achieve improved collection efficiency through reduced wave distortion, producing higher average power levels and increased migration velocity of dust toward the collecting plates.

Electrical Components ESP Parts Services Babcock Wilcox

Controls & Software

Supporting your existing or new plant operating systems, B&W provides flexible integration and control with our ESP electronics and software technologies. With more than 16,000 controls installed in 52 countries in over 400 plants, our ESP solutions can achieve enhanced performance.

For hardware products communicating serially, B&W offers several core software applications for monitoring and control. We also offer several programs that integrate our software with existing plant control systems (such as a PI system, DCS or OPC).

Controls, related components and software:

  • SQ-300®i Hybrid automatic voltage control
  • AVC design with 3-phase T/R set control
  • PRC-100 programmable rapper control and software
  • PRC-100 controller module
  • Programmable logic controllers and logic based control cabinets
  • Purge air heater controls
  • Ring heater controls
  • Sonic horn timers
  • Precipitator Manager™ software
  • Continuous particulate monitoring (CPM) systems
  • CPM purge blower
ESP Controls and Software ESP Service and Parts Babcock Wilcox

SQ-300®i Hybrid automatic voltage control

Simultaneously controls the ESP, analyzes alarms, and interfaces with computer-based data acquisition software to optimize ESP performance and collection efficiency. Includes added features such as improved speed and process capability, automated spark rate control, flexible connectivity, smaller footprint, and an optional color touch screen user interface.

PRC-100 rapper control & software

The new PRC-100 programmable rapper controller and supervisory software provide a full-featured control system for optimized ESP rapper operation. The PRC- 100 controller can control any type of high current rapper and vibrator, detect and control fault conditions, and control low current solenoid outputs for pneumatic vibrators, acoustic horns, and tumbling hammers.

Precipitator Manager™ software

Designed for the security and speed of your Ethernet connected devices, and combines the power of multiple programs into one. The software consists of a base module and multiple optional modules, all designed specifically to work within the same framework. You decide which modules are required so that you can monitor and control your AVCs, rappers, analog and digital I/O, and more.

Continuous particulate monitoring (CPM) systems

Unlike traditional particulate detection methods that simply measure light intensity, B&W’s CPM® systems take the guesswork out of particulate monitoring by measuring light modulation, a technique that virtually eliminates false or non-detection of dust and inaccurate particle levels. Our CPM systems bring a real-time approach to emissions monitoring, alerting users as problems occur.