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Ash Handling Replacement Parts and Performance Upgrades

B&W provides high performance parts and upgrades for its Allen-Sherman-Hoff® line of ash handling equipment, as well as most other brands. Inventory is maintained for a wide range of critical parts, which means fast delivery of the parts you need most. Also, our Assured Stock Program® inventory management system is available to plan your specific material requirements and minimize inventory levels.

An experienced product support staff with access to detailed component lists is dedicated to providing the correct OEM parts for your specific application, vintage, model and brand of ash handling equipment. Our engineered upgrades are evaluated for potential improvements in system performance, ease of maintenance, and reduced operational costs.

An extensive network of worldwide regional service centers, field service engineers and technical support personnel are available to provide customized services and aftermarket solutions for your requirements, including:

  • System assessment, walk-downs
  • Technical assistance with operations issues (fuel changes, pluggage problems, etc.)
  • Startup support, commissioning
  • Control system support
  • Component and system upgrades
  • Replacement and spare part supply
  • Inventory management programs

Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Ash Handling Parts and Service

Phone: +1 740 687 4160 or toll free within North America 1 800 848 5086

After-hours Emergencies 1 800 876 9762

Bottom Ash Components

PowerASH® single-roll clinker grinder

Designed to handle the highly abrasive bottom ashes generated by coal-fired boilers. Its high crushing force and unique roll tooth pattern are highly effective for the remaining larger slag falls.

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Double-Roll clinker grinder

For applications requiring even higher crushing force and more output particle size options than our PowerASH® single-roll grinder.

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Hydrobin® dewatering bin gate

Efficiently regulates the discharge of material from the Hydrobin dewatering bin once the dewatering cycle is completed.

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ASHFLO® valve

Provides reliable shut-off operation in pyrites removal systems, bottom ash transport systems, and many other slurry transport applications. Able to handle severe operating conditions.

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Ni-hard grinder rolls

Provides wear-resistant crushing to pulverize bottom ash material to a suitable transport size. Our grinder rolls are made of hard-as-cast Ni-hard for a longer wear life.

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Fly Ash Components

3600 Style II pugmill

Effectively combines dry fly ash from a silo with water to form a moist mixture. This mixture is readily transferable and transportable with minimal dust emissions. The unit is fully assembled for ease of installation, uses durable materials to lengthen wear life, and is designed with accessible components for easy on-line inspection and maintenance.

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Pugmill recycler

Uses wastewater from a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system for blending into the ash for processing. Provides a unique solution for ELGs. It not only minimizes the use of plant process water for ash processing, but also provides a beneficial use for FGD wastewater.

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Style IV airlock

Used primarily for the transfer of fly ash or other dry, free-flowing, granular solids, the Style IV airlock design is available for both pressure and vacuum system applications. In a pressure conveying system, solids are transferred from an overhead collection point into a receiving chamber by utilizing a set of isolation gates above and below the chamber. In vacuum conveying systems, the filter collector is located above the ash storage silo. The A-S-H airlock adjusts the pressure zones between the filter collector and the silo without requiring a break in the vacuum level for continuous operation.

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Advantage Series 8 and 12 in. material handling valve

Suitable for regulating dry, free-flowing fly ash material into a transport system. Designed for changing or harsher operating conditions, including stickier and more abrasive ash, our Advantage Series valves encourage ash flow and minimize wear by utilizing hardened components for high-abrasion zones. They are available for lateral feed vacuum conveying systems and as a direct replacement for UCC® Tiger™ valves.

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Style III equalizer valve

Used in pressure systems for airlock equalization and in vacuum systems for collector equalization applications, the Style Ill equalizer valve is compact, lightweight and affordable.

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Retrofit kit for Style IV airlock

Replacement wear part upgrade provides improved wear life, easier maintenance and increased sealing force for greater material head support compared to Style I airlock components.

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CycloASH 60

Multiple chamber design allows for continuous ash collection—even when ash is being loaded into the storage silo. The CycloASH 60 collector offers easy maintenance, extended wear life and superior sealing.

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Type H material handling valve

Designed specifically to feed ash into dilute-phase vacuum systems on a batch basis. The Type-H material handling valves are durable, efficient and can handle the most severe operating environments.

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Style IV airlock refurbishment, maintenance and upgrade kits

Refurbishment and maintenance kits for Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Style I and IV airlocks, as well as upgrade kits to convert Style I airlocks to Style IV design, these kits come complete with everything needed to refurbish your airlock to original operating condition.

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Piping and Fittings

ASHCore® ceramic-lined pipe and fittings

Feature wear-resistant tiled ceramic liners that are custom fit to an outer steel shell for optimum performance and long wear life. With applications in both hydraulic and pneumatic conveying systems, they are recommended for high-abrasion areas such as elbows, tees, laterals, inlet regions and transfer points.

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ASHCOLITE™ replaceable wear-back fittings

Designed for vacuum systems that convey highly erosive ashes. Made of a chrome-iron alloy, the fitting bodies are available in two grades depending on hardness requirements.

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ASHCOLITE™ integral wear-back fittings

Standard on all pressure systems, both hydraulic and pneumatic. They are specially designed to withstand the abrasive characteristics of many ashes.

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Site Services for Diamond Power® Boiler Cleaning and Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Material Handling Products

Through a dedicated team of professionals, B&W provides onsite services focused on the proper operation and maintenance of your boiler cleaning and material handling systems. Our complete turnkey services encompass all onsite installation, project management and technical oversight, including necessary labor, equipment, tools and consumables.

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