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B&W Chanute

Quality heat transfer products and manufacturing capabilities

B&W Chanute

Babcock & Wilcox supplemented its more than 155 years of experience in steam generation by adding the unique competencies of Optimus Industries, together with its manufacturing facility in Chanute, Kansas.

The design and manufacture of custom-engineered technologies complements and expands B&W’s product offerings, including heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), package boilers, utility boiler pressure parts, and sulfuric acid plant boilers.

The manufacturing location in the central U.S. serves industrial operations in the petrochemical, power generation, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and process sectors worldwide with a diverse range of custom products and capabilities, including contract fabrication.

Customers can expect to benefit from the same great quality products and responsive service from the same great teams of experts at both companies. We’ve worked with Optimus and its Chanute manufacturing team for many years and we’re very excited to have them join B&W. Both companies have highly knowledgeable, long-tenured employees with a reputation for providing quality products and customer service.

We continue our total commitment in delivering an even wider breadth of reliable steam generation and heat transfer equipment to our worldwide customers.

Steam Generator Chanute

Steam Generator BW

Optimus™ Engineered Products

B&W’s line of Optimus™ engineered products are custom designed, then fabricated in our Chanute, Kansas, manufacturing facility. We provide a wide range of waste heat recovery and heat transfer equipment for process industries worldwide, including sulfuric acid plants, thermal oxidation systems, process gas coolers and sulfur recovery.

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Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Building on more than 150 years of experience in steam generation, B&W combines our proven industry expertise in thermal technology with the B&W Chanute experience to provide advanced HRSG technologies. We provide reliable HRSG systems, upgrades and replacement components such as harps (high pressure evaporators), headers, finned tubing and other pressure parts suitable for a wide range of combustion turbine applications.

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Custom industrial manufacturing and engineered fabrication solutions are available from our B&W Chanute manufacturing facility in Kansas. With nearly 200,000 square feet of high bay manufacturing capacity, this facility has served a multitude of industrial operations.

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