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Field Services

B&W responds to and solves our customers’ toughest challenges. From concept and commissioning to maintenance and modifications, we’re there every step of the way to keep your equipment operating safely, reliably and efficiently. In addition to steam generation and related auxiliary equipment, our field engineers can provide expert support for emissions control systems, heat recovery steam generators, and other power plant equipment.

We have proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Startup and commissioning
  • Project support
  • Routine and preventative maintenance
  • Performance and equipment troubleshooting
  • Drone inspections
  • Boiler performance and efficiency enhancements
  • Outage planning and support
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Replacement and spare parts
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Condition assessment services
  • Life extension services
  • Technical training

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Our People Make the Difference

B&W’s highly skilled field engineers and specialists are strategically located in offices worldwide to assist you in improving your equipment and operations. You can depend on us to quickly respond at any time.

Field service engineers

  • Provide a broad range of advisory, technical and engineering services

Service specialists

  • Available for specific equipment challenges that require highly specialized experts
  • Specialists on specific equipment and areas such as burners and controls, pulverizers, sootblowers, ash handling, environmental systems, water chemistry, metallurgy, cooling systems, and others

Resident service engineers

  • Single point of contact who is highly knowledgeable about your plant and its equipment, and provides longer-term onsite plant service and support
  • As an extension of your staff, regularly works with your operations, maintenance and engineering personnel

Startup and Commissioning

Startup and Commissioning

B&W service engineers offer support for the startup of plant equipment with:

  • Dedicated startup and commissioning staff
  • Proven and organized planning processes
  • Seamless integration between engineering systems
  • Simplified and structured turnover of plant operations

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Project Services

Our service engineers and specialists can help you determine the necessary course of action to meet your overall project and plant objectives, including:

  • Engineering studies
  • Upgrade projects
  • Capacity increases
  • Fuel switching and natural gas conversions
  • Replacement part planning guidance

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Routine and Preventive Maintenance

We provide on-demand services and tailored maintenance programs – based on your needs – for critical components, systems or your entire boiler and air quality control system.

  • Inspections
  • Critical component (pressure part) assessment
  • Mechanical and structural evaluation, including stress testing
  • Tube failure analysis
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Code compliance

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Determining the root cause of equipment problems is essential. While working with your staff, our service engineers can review operating data, inspect equipment and perform the necessary diagnostic tests to locate, identify and help correct performance problems.

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Boiler Performance

Our comprehensive, performance optimization services help keep your boiler operating at optimal efficiency. Areas of focus include water circulation, air and gas flow, combustion systems (burners and pulverizers), pressure parts, heat transfer surfaces, air heater operation, controls, valves, fans and other critical elements of the boiler.

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Environmental Performance

Our environmental field specialists can offer expert analysis on air quality control systems for utility and industrial applications. Specialists are available to provide a wide range of services – such as performance improvements, upgrades and replacement parts recommendations – regardless of the equipment manufacturer.

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Outage Support

We work with you to plan and manage your outage with the primary goal of finishing safely and on time. In addition to a thorough boiler evaluation, we’ll work with your staff to address maintenance and labor requirements, replacement parts and other support materials and services.

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Training plant personnel to properly operate and maintain equipment can help improve plant safety, ensure reliable systems performance, and reduce operating costs and downtime. We can provide an extensive training program on all B&W equipment as well as job-specific tasks for plant operations and maintenance personnel.