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Manufacturing Capability

Custom industrial manufacturing and engineered fabrication solutions are available from our B&W Chanute manufacturing facility in Kansas. With nearly 200,000 square feet of high bay manufacturing capacity, this facility has served a multitude of industrial operations in the petrochemical, power generation and process sectors worldwide with a diverse range of custom products.

The plant site is served by five rail spurs with a total of 7,600 feet of track on the property. Manufacturing areas consist of 22 overhead cranes with capacities up to 200 tons and 35-foot hook heights.

Our goal has always been to provide quality workmanship with a commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction. In addition to HRSG component fabrication, our capabilities include manufacturing a wide range of specialty boilers, steam generation pressure parts, and related industrial products. We also manufacture a wide range of heat transfer equipment and components on a contract basis.

  • Finned tube fabrication
  • Header fabrication
  • Tubular elements
  • Tube membrane panels and openings
  • Final assembly
  • Engineered products
    • Watertube and firetube package boilers
    • Waste heat boilers
    • Economizers
    • Utility boiler components
    • Sulfuric acid plant boilers, economizers and superheaters
  • Contract fabrication
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B&W Boiler Parts Manufacturing

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