Waste-to-Energy, Biomass and Energy Storage

Clean, renewable energy

C02llaborate 2 Decarbonize 4 Clean Energy.

Every clean energy alternative contributes to reducing overall carbon emissions. And each decarbonization technology supports the goal of a net-zero future. B&W Renewable uses the newest WtE and CO2-neutral advancements to produce energy more efficiently and sustainably.

We're on our way to a future in which Babcock & Wilcox decarbonization and clean energy innovations lead directly to a net-zero goal.

Clean Energy Infrastructure

It’s all about inventing new ways to create clean energy, with the constant goal of always devising better ways to make energy infrastructures cleaner. Babcock & Wilcox continues to grow ecologically sound ways of recycling valuable resources to create clean, renewable energy. Together we can turn trash into treasure for communities around the planet, benefiting both our economy and the quality of life for future generations.

Thriving industries are important for today’s economy.

Our renewable solutions provide efficient and environmentally sustainable power and heat generation in support of a circular economy, diverting waste from landfills while recovering energy sources and reducing emissions. Our specialized offerings cut no corners in using (and reusing) waste and include waste-to-energy and biomass energy technologies, as well as process recovery systems for the pulp and paper industry. Through our partnership with Eos Energy Storage for its next generation zinc battery solution and the addition of solar EPC capabilities to add solar power production to your infrastructure, B&W Renewable can support your transformation to sustainable, clean energy power production.

Featured Technology

WtE (Waste to Energy) Plants


Putting waste in a circular economy, not a landfill

The Clean Truth: For every ton of municipal solid waste processed at waste-to-energy (WtE) facilities, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by approximately one ton. WtE plants provide a safe waste disposal option that complements (not replaces) recycling. Recycling rates have actually increased in municipalities that have WtE plants. WtE technology supports business and industry "zero-waste-to-landfill" initiatives.

Most waste ends in landfills. Rather than future generations facing the impacts of a traditional, linear economy — Babcock & Wilcox is helping our planet transition to a circular economy where energy is recycled in a loop and waste becomes a resource in and of itself.

Waste-to-energy power plants are an integrated part of this model. Waste is burned at high temperatures to destroy chemicals, heat is transformed into energy and steam drives a turbine that creates clean electricity. Most importantly — the waste is diverted from the landfill and enters “the loop,” while we recover clean water, metals and other materials.

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The Next Generation of Waste Incineration

Best Available Technologies for EU Waste Incineration BREF Compliance

Babcock & Wilcox has a long tradition of focusing on high efficiency and low emissions. Our renewable and environmental segments, together, have an integrated systems solution for the next generation of waste-to-energy plants. The Waste Incineration BREF sets new and higher standards for waste-to-energy plants.

A waste-to-energy plant’s level of efficiency in recovering energy from waste is measured by the R1 formula. High overall energy efficiency ensures maximum substitution of fossil fuels and thereby reduces the impact of greenhouse gases. B&W's NextBAT® solution ensures that plant owners achieve a high R1 rate because of our unique technologies.

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Safe, Sustainable Zinc Battery Energy Storage

An alternative to lithium ion for energy and industry, Babcock & Wilcox, through its B&W Renewable segment, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Eos Energy Storage LLC, to sell and service Eos’ innovative, patented Eos Znyth® zinc battery solution for industrial and utility-scale energy storage.

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GMAB Flue Gas Cleaning & Energy Recovery

B&W Environmental's GMAB™ flue gas cleaning technologies ensure an efficient removal of pollutants from flue gases emitted from waste to energy, co-incineration and hazardous waste incineration. We also supply associated water treatment, energy recovery as well as district and local cooling generation.

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10 Ways to Minimize Grate Wear in a Waste-to-Energy Boiler

Thermal and mechanical grate wear increases maintenance costs. If the grate is not operated correctly, or if combustion is not properly managed, wear accelerates and there is risk of substantial damage. As a fuel, waste tends to be unpredictable and varies over time.

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European Suppliers Waste-to-Energy Technology (ESWET)

B&W is a proud supporter of the European Suppliers Waste-to-Energy Technology (ESWET) association. ESWET’s goal is to raise awareness of the positive implications of Waste-to-Energy in terms of sustainable waste management, clean and reliable energy, and protection of the environment. B&W shares the goals of ESWET by promoting WTE as a viable, necessary, important and responsible part of a circular economy and the energy transition to reduce global greenhouse gases.

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Success Stories

Denmark Flag
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amager Bakke / Copenhill Case Study
Copenhagen’s state-of-the-art Amager Bakke sets new standards for environmental performance, energy efficiency and waste treatment capacity.
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United States Flag
Florida, USA
Palm Beach Renewable Energy Facility Case Study
Ranking as the cleanest, most efficient plant of its kind in the world, this engineered, designed, procured and constructed WtE facility reduces landfill volume by 90%.
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Denmark Flag
Hørsholm, Denmark
Nordforbrænding: WtE Case Study
New combined heat- and power-producing WtE line designed for burning 10 tonnes of waste per hour increases energy efficiency from 70% to 99%.
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Babcock Wilcox Solar Energy Inc. Awarded Illinois Community Solar Installation Contracts by Summit Ridge Energy Totaling More Than 15 Million 400 226 px

Jul 31, 2023

Babcock & Wilcox Solar Energy, Inc. Awarded Community Solar Contracts Totaling $20 Million

Babcock & Wilcox announced today that its subsidiary, Babcock & Wilcox Solar Energy, Inc., has been awarded contracts totaling more than $20 million by Summit Ridge Energy, LLC, for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of 25 MW of community solar energy projects in Illinois.

Babcock Wilcox Awarded Contracts Totaling 14 Million to Provide Highly Efficient Cooling Systems for UK Waste to Energy Plants 400 226 px

Jan 30, 2023

Babcock & Wilcox Awarded Contracts Totaling $14 Million to Provide Highly Efficient Cooling Systems for UK Waste-to-Energy Plants

Babcock & Wilcox announced today that its B&W Environmental business segment has been awarded contracts totaling more than $14 million to design and supply highly efficient dry cooling systems for waste-to-energy plants in the UK.

Babcock Wilcox Awarded 65 Million Contract to Provide Engineering and Advanced Technology for UK Waste to Energy Plant 400 226 px 1

Jan 24, 2023

Babcock & Wilcox Awarded $65 Million Contract to Provide Engineering and Advanced Technology for UK Waste-to-Energy Plant

Babcock & Wilcox announced today that its B&W Environmental and B&W Renewable business segments have been awarded a contract for approximately $65 million by Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant Ltd. (LSEP) to provide engineering services and advanced technologies for the LSEP Sustainable Energy plant located at Lostock Gralam near Manchester, UK.

Long Term Clean Energy Storage

Nov 28, 2022

Six Q&As about long-duration energy storage

John Meier, Director of ClimateBright™ technologies for Babcock & Wilcox, recently answered six questions for Power Engineering International discussing long-duration energy storage, the necessity of its application for grid stability in light of ever-increasing renewable energy deployment, and the use of fluidized-bed technology for thermal energy storage.

Babcock Wilcox Announces Agreement to Study Development of Biomass to Hydrogen Project in South Korea Using BrightLoop Technology 400 226 px v2

Nov 21, 2022

Babcock & Wilcox Announces Agreement to Study Development of Biomass-to-Hydrogen Project in South Korea Using BrightLoop™ Technology

Babcock & Wilcox announced today that it has signed an agreement with NRG Korea to study the applicability of B&W’s BrightLoop™ technology for a hydrogen generation facility using biomass fuel in South Korea.

waste to energy technology benefits

Nov 14, 2022

Common Misperceptions of WTE Often Overshadow its Benefits

In an article appearing in American Recycler, B&W Renewable Senior VP Kim Bredahl explains that governmental policies, particularly in Europe, Asia and parts of the U.S., can help incentivize waste-to-energy (WTE) as an alternative to landfills and to combat landfill methane emissions. He also discusses the significant role both recycling and energy production play in a circular economy.

Copenhill Waste Management Review Article

Oct 12, 2022

Industrial Waste Streams to Fuel Australia’s Clean Energy Initiatives

In an article in Waste Management Review, B&W’s Andrew Waite discusses the environmental, social and economic benefits of developing localized energy-from-waste processing facilities in industrial areas.

Brian higgins 400 226 px

Aug 2, 2022

Reuters’ Conversation with Babcock & Wilcox - Hydrogen Technology in Focus

B&W’s Director of Advanced Technology, Dr. Brian Higgins, recently shared his thoughts with Reuters on the hydrogen economy and how we are advancing technologies in this space.

B&W proudly supports the world’s sustainability efforts and are committed to doing our part for today, tomorrow and future generations.