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B&W SPIG Recognized for Successful Cooling Tower Refurbishment in Egypt

(PARUZZARO, Italy – July 18, 2019) – Babcock & Wilcox SPIG, S.p.A. (SPIG), a subsidiary of Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., has successfully completed a cooling tower refurbishment project for a methanol production facility in Damietta, Egypt, earning a letter of commendation from its customer, the Egyptian Methanex Methanol Company S.A.E.

A Numerical Modeling Example - Kraft Recovery Boilers

A Numerical Modeling Example – Kraft Recovery Boilers

Results from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling can be used in a wide range of applications.

This article shows how recovery boiler operational factors such as liquor spray distribution, air jet penetration, gas velocity and furnace temperature can be modeled to determine potential upgrades for optimal boiler performance.

Upgrades to Existing Wet FGD Systems

Upgrades to Existing Wet FGD Systems to Improve Performance, Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs and Improve Reliability

Upgrading an existing wet FGD system may be an effective way to

  • improve SO2 removal,
  • allow the use of lower cost higher sulfur coals,
  • reduce power consumption,
  • allow for the use of an alternate, lower-cost reagent,
  • and improve the reliability of the system while reducing the operating and maintenance costs.

Skip the Load Cycling Limbo

Boiler Load Cycling

Find out how low you can go.

With shifts in energy demand and the use of alternative fuel and energy supplies, plant personnel are looking to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of boiler cycling for more flexible operation in meeting varying load requirements. Making targeted upgrades to select components can minimize damage and ensure your steam generation and air quality control systems continue to operate reliably, regardless of load.

Pulverizer Training Seminar

B&W Roll Wheel and E/EL Pulverizers Seminar
Join fellow operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel for a 2-day, in-depth technical training seminar on B&W Roll Wheel and E/EL pulverizers.

Register today and earn continuing education credits too.

Construction Planning & Scheduling

Continuous Learning

Construction schedules are a key input to the integrated project schedule that focuses on all the disciplines needed to complete a given project.

This article discusses the key session inputs and outputs that make for a successful planning session, and explains how a series of work activities leads to establishing project construction schedules.

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