Vølund Combustion Grates

Combustion grates provide waste flow that ensures drying, ignition, combustion, energy release and complete burn-out before the bottom ash outlet.

In a waste-to-energy plant, the grate is where waste is converted into energy – the heart of the system. As such, grates are a significant focus area for us. Over the past 80 years we have supplied more than 500 combustion grates worldwide. Many of our older grates are still in operation, running efficiently and living up to current environmental standards.

B&W Vølund offers two combustion grates: the DynaGrate® and the Vølund combustion grates. The DynaGrate and the Vølund grates were developed to provide reliable transport of waste through the furnace.

Vølund combustion grates

The Vølund grate is still one of the industry’s most dependable grates. It has been keeping systems running smoothly for more than 80 years. And even though our Vølund grate has been well-proven and robust, we continue to conduct research and improve the technology.

This includes our knowledge on types of steel and alloys. Throughout the years we have developed our heat cast grates to withstand very high temperatures and to increase lifetime.

Features and benefits include:

  • Lower maintenance cost with improved grate plates
  • Minimum emission of harmful substances and maximum energy recovery
  • High availability and operational reliability
  • Good air distribution and minimal power consumption
  • Solid, reliable design
  • High reliability with minimal downtime
  • Simplicity and robust grate design suitable for waste with low calorific value
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Vølund traveling grate combustion system