FPS Oil Horn Ignitor

Oil Horn Ignitor With Call Outs Babcock Wilcox

Oil Horn Ignitor Schematic 6MBtu

Typical Oil Fuel Schematic - Up to 6 MBtu Input


Oil Horn Ignitor Schematic Booster Gun 20MBtu

Added Booster Gun Option - Up to 20 Mbtu Input


The integrated electrical-mechanical components of the FPS oil horn igniter are designed to optimize performance in these key areas:

  • Ignition reliability
  • Fuel atomization
  • Combustion
  • Flame stability
  • Flame monitoring


  • Up to 6 MBtu per hour heat input without booster
  • Up to 20 MBtu per hour heat input with booster
  • Ignitor peripherals (each FPS gas horn ignitor is supplied with the following environmentally sealed peripheral components)
    • PAI power pack in NEMA 4 enclosure
    • SunSpot flame detector electronic module
    • Oil hose with quick disconnect coupler
    • Atomizing air hose with quick disconnect coupler
    • (2) brass-braided flex conduit assemblies for ignitor electrical connections (flame detector and spark)
    • Plasma arc ignition
      • Input: 120vac, 50/60hz, 100 VA
      • Output: 8 joule at 3 arc/sec
    • Ignitor mounting plate with gasket
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  • Simple plug-in design
  • Existing air supply is typically sufficient
  • Plasma arc ignition for reliable light-off
  • SunSpot flame detector with:
    • Discrete flame detection
    • No periodic maintenance requirement
    • No field calibration
    • No delicate optics to break or get dirty
  • Easy removal for maintenance