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Renewable Service

Renewable Aftermarket Project Success Stories

Renewable Aftermarket Parts and Services - Project Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how we have helped our customers improve their plant performance.


Energist, Esbjert, Denmark

In close cooperation with the customer, our thorough review and recommendations of its scheduled maintenance shutdowns allowed Energist to move to an 18-month interval. In effect, every three years, Energnist gains three weeks of operation and saves the costs of preparing for the maintenance shutdown. One and a half years between maintenance shutdowns can provide many benefits if thoroughly prepared. Our inspectors are integral to this effort, which includes not only the boiler, but the flue gas treatment and turbines as well.

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Fjernvarme Fyn

Through a cooperative agreement with Fjernvarme Fyn, services provided include assistance with the annual inspection of the waste-fired combustion lines at Fynsværket, as well as related services and maintenance of the boiler pressure parts and combustion equipment.

The customer commended the professionalism and expertise of the service provider as:

  • Actionable and solution-oriented
  • Focused on adhering to project schedules
  • Flexible and agile approach to the work
  • Understanding of the requirements for every project

Additionally, since the economizer replacement in 2019, the plant continues to increase the amount of combusted waste and energy recovered.


Returkraft AS

In early 2019, VODA and Returkraft began a cooperative agreement with goals of improving safety and plant efficiency. To date, the cooperation has been successful to the full satisfaction of both parties. The excellent relationship and experience gained is now being used to provide even greater benefits for the customer.

Services and benefits provided through the agreement include:

  • Plant inspections including maintenance of pressurized parts, combustion equipment, and slag systems
  • Development of maintenance strategy
  • Detailed project scheduling and task prioritization

Returkraft benefits from a cooperative partnership working proactively and jointly to create the best possible conditions for optimization and streamlining where it makes sense and adds value.


Tekniska Verken Linköping AB

Originally built in 1964 and rebuilt in 1985 from oil to coal burning, Boiler 1 at Tekniska Verken in Linköping is a combined heat and power plant with a capacity of 92.9 t/h steam flow. In 2017, the decision was made to phase out fossil fuels and targeted 2021 to convert the boiler to fire biomass.

The boiler conversion project included a fuel supply system, combustion grate and combustion air system. The new systems were completely integrated into the existing boiler circuitry. The biomass fuel consists of wood chips, forest residues and waste wood. By utilizing biomass as the fuel source instead of oil and gas, CO2 emissions are reduced by 35,000 tons per year.


Högdalen, Stockholm Exergi

Originally commissioned in 1986, the Högdalen waste-to-energy boiler in Stockholm, Sweden, required replacement of the economizer due to welding cracks.

  • The economizer replacement project was executed during the August 2020 annual outage and included:
  • Detailed design and engineering improvements, procurement, and manufacturing
  • Removal of existing economizer
  • Mechanical installation of new section
  • Insulation and cladding
  • Commissioning, testing and training of personnel
  • Documentation according to QA manual, welding certificate, pressure test certificate, etc.


AVV-Affaldsselskabet Vendsyssel Vest

In 2018, the superheater was replaced in the waste-fired boiler at Hjørring, Denmark. Due to corrosion in the superheaters, it was necessary to replace some of the boiler tubing as well.

The supply included:

  • Production drawings and approvals
  • Manufacturing and delivery
  • Dismounting and installation of the superheaters
  • NDT inspection
  • Pressure testing (equipment and manpower)
  • Insulation
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation


Tekniska Verken Linköping

The project scope of supply included project management, engineering, design, purchasing, construction and documentation for onsite Inconel® cladding (Inconel 625) of boiler panel walls on an existing waste-to-energy fired boiler for Tekniska Verken in Linköping.

The approximately 260 square meters of cladding was performed in the first pass of the furnace bottom including part of the rear, left, right and front walls.