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Subcritical Radiant (RB) Boilers

Our extensive worldwide experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing more than 700 RB boilers gives our customers the reliability and dependability they demand. B&W's RB boiler incorporates natural circulation which takes advantage of the density difference between water in the downcomers and the steam/water mixture in the furnace tubes. With natural circulation, no pumps are required, so auxiliary power requirements are reduced and availability is improved. B&W's RB boiler is typically designed with a parallel back-end that allows gas biasing reheat steam temperature control.

Benefits include:

  • No attemperating spray requirements
  • Reliable control of reheat temperature separate from the combustion process (as compared to tilting burners); this in turn:
    • eliminates interaction with combustion system optimization for NOx control
    • eliminates the effect on furnace slagging characteristics
    • avoids the need for maintenance of burner tilt mechanisms

Our surface arrangement design provides benefits for added reliability and availability, including:

  • High temperature supports outside of the flue gas stream
  • Minimal motion between the boiler roof penetrations
  • Pendant section spacing appropriately matched for the gas temperature and coal slagging characteristics

Our vast design and operating experience gives us the unique capability to accommodate many worldwide coals and blends while meeting required steam conditions without sacrificing reliability or availability.

Steam Drum Design

 Features Benefits 
Natural circulation, including internally ribbed tubes and advanced steam drum internals
  • Prevents departure from nucleate boiling (DNB) and reduces furnace tube failures
  • High steam purity for reduced turbine maintenance
  • Reduced auxiliary power consumption and pump maintenance
  • Improved overall boiler reliability
Large furnace arch
  • Conforms gas flow and eliminates gas bypassing at furnace exit for improved heat transfer
  • Reduces peak temperatures and slagging potential in the superheater sections to improve availability and reliability
Wall firing
  • Even distribution of heat release across unit width
  • More uniform flow and gas temperature at furnace exit for reduced erosion and slagging
High-temperature header design
  • Minimizes maintenance due to ligament or weld cracking
Gas-tight construction
  • No penthouse seal blower reduces power requirements and maintenance
Gas biasing steam temperature  control
  • Reliable control of reheat steam temperature
  • Improved plant heat rate for less fuel consumption, lower operating cost and lower aggregate emissions
Accommodates a wide range of coals
  • Provides flexibility in fuel choices
B&W Roll Wheel™ pulverizers
  • Reliable service for optimum steam generator performance and availability
  • No loss of capacity with wear of the grinding elements
Low NOx burners
  • Proven performance in reducing combustion NOx while maintaining low CO                                                                                                                                      

Subcritical Boiler STEAM DRUM Babcock Wilcox

B&W's steam drums are designed with two-stage separation to provide the most effective steam-water separation for reduced turbine maintenance and improved circulation.

Radiant Boiler Product Specifications

Radiant Boilers for Reliable Subcritical Steam Applications

Boiler Cleaning Technology

Subcritical Radiant Boiler Success Stories

United States Flag
Gillette, Wyoming
Dry Fork Station Case Study
This installation was completed at the Basin Electric Power Cooperative for the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency and includes environmental equipment and Dry Bottom Ash System.
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United States Flag
Kansas City, Missouri
Hawthorn Unit 5 Case Study
An explosion during a maintenance outage on February 17, 1999, destroyed the original Hawthorn Unit 5 boiler. In August 1999, B&W was released to design, supply, erect and commission a complete replacement boiler on an accelerated schedule. The new boiler began generating electricity in June 2001, only 22 months from project commencement.
View Case Study
Indonesia Flag
Jawa Tengah, Republic of Indonesia
Tanjung Jati Case Study
This installation of environmental equipment at the Tanjung Jati power plant includes low NOx burners, a wet FGD system and electrostatic precipitators.
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