April 2020

B&W Completes Two-Year Financing Agreement and Credit Extension

If you missed the press release, we announced last week that we have amended our Credit Agreement, which now replaces and supersedes the previously disclosed agreement. The new agreement:
- Extends current revolving credit facility and availability for letters of credit for two years
- Strengthens capital structure in support of the Company’s long-term operations

We also released 1st quarter 2020 financial results. See the release here. 

New Insertable Smelt Spout Design
Since supplying the first Kraft recovery boiler in 1929, B&W has led the development of many improvements in safer, longer-lasting operation of smelt spout systems for the Pulp & Paper industry.
Our latest innovation is a new, boiler wall-mounted hood enclosure design. It is available for our 15- and 30-degree insertable spouts and incorporates a hood-mounted optimally positioned shatter jet assembly.

B&W Vølund Awarded Service Contracts for Waste-to-Energy Customers in U.K., Denmark

B&W Vølund has been awarded a multi-year service contract for two U.K. waste-to-energy plants and a plant upgrade service contract for a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant in Denmark. The combined value of the contracts is more than $4 million.

Did you know?

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, working in conjunction with B&W engineers, significant design developments in the kraft recovery process in the pulp and paper industry were achieved by G.H. Tomlinson. In fact, the first Tomlinson recovery boiler was supplied by B&W in 1929, at the Canada Paper Company’s Windsor Mills, Quebec, plant.

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