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Success Stories

From The Leader in Clean Power Production Technologies

Kelvin Waste-to-Energy Plant, West Bromwich, England

Kelvin is a waste-to-energy (WTE) facility now under construction in Sandwell West Midlands, just outside Birmingham, U.K. When operational, it will divert 395,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household and business waste from landfill or export overseas. The residual waste will be used to generate 44 MW (gross) of baseload energy, equivalent to the needs of more than 95,000 homes.
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Superheater Replacement and On-Site Inconel® Cladding – Eeklo, Belgium

Babcock & Wilcox Renewable Service (B&W) won the order for replacement of superheaters 1, 2 and 3 and on-site Inconel® cladding in the first boiler pass of IVM’s waste-to-energy line 2 in Eeklo, Belgium.
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Water-Cooled Inconel® Panels in Furnace – Bolton, England

In 2021, Babcock & Wilcox Renewable Service (B&W) won the order from SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK for engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation of new Inconel®-cladded furnace walls for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA)-owned Thermal Recovery Facility at Raikes Lane, Bolton, England.
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WTE Boiler Upgrade With Water-Cooled Air Zones – Shetland Islands

B&W Renewable Service provided upgrade design, engineering and components for an energy from waste boiler which included new Inconel®-cladded water-cooled wear zones, air-cooling system, secondary air system, new feeding hopper, and combustion control system.
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WTE Boiler and Furnace Upgrades - Eeklo, Belgium

B&W Renewable Service provided engineering, manufacturing, delivery, construction advisory services, commissioning, testing, operator training, and project management for new feeding systems, grates, riddlings and slag handling systems, water-cooled furnaces, combustion air system, support burners and hydraulic system for the plant’s two identical WtE lines.
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Replacement of Economizers 1, 2, 3, and 4 - Odense, Denmark

B&W Renewable Service dismantled old and installed, tested and commissioned four new economizers on a waste-to-energy line at Fjernvarme Fyn.
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Furnace / Boiler Upgrade - Leirvik, Faroe Islands

Babcock & Wilcox Renewable Service upgraded the furnace and replaced the hot water boiler at Leirvik waste-to-energy plant in the Faroe Islands. The plant dates back to 1989 and was originally designed for 2.5 tons of waste per hour. The purpose of the plant upgrade was partly to increase the capacity of the plant and to extend the service life. The capacity was raised to 3.5 t/h, 12 bar and 140 °C and is expected to extend its useful life.
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Panel Wall Replacement, Line 4 - Gärstad, Sweden

Babcock & Wilcox Renewable Service replaced the panel walls at Gärstadverket P4, Sweden. Scope of delivery included project management, engineering, design, purchasing, manufacturing, delivery, disassembly, assembly/installation, testing, commissioning, trial run and documentation. The scope of work was a comprehensive replacement of the boiler panel walls.
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Economizer Replacement, Line 3 - Högdalen, Sweden

Babcock & Wilcox Renewable Service provided detail design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and replacement of the existing economizer at Högdalen waste-to-energy boiler in Stockholm, Sweden.
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Panel Walls and Economizer Replacement - Uppsala, Sweden

The B&W Renewable Service delivery included project management, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and replacement of an economizer for a waste-to-energy boiler (Line 1) in Uppsala, Sweden. Also included in the project was to replace panel walls including cladding with Inconel® 625 on site.
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Economizer and Boiler Wall Replacement - Karlskoga, Sweden

For this project, B&W Renewable Service replaced the front boiler wall and economizers 1 and 2, as well as installed a new rapping device system for cleaning of the heating surface on a waste-to-energy plant (Line 1) in Karlskoga, Sweden. Delivery included project management, construction, design, manufacture, delivery, dismantling, installation, commissioning, testing and documentation.
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Onsite Inconel® Cladding - Linköping, Sweden

B&W Renewable Service scope of supply for this project included project management, engineering, design, purchasing, construction and documentation for onsite Inconel® cladding at boiler panel walls on an existing waste wood-fired boiler (Line 3) in Linköping, Sweden. The cladding was performed in the bottom portion of the first pass, including part of the rear, left, right and front walls.
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