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Port Rodders, Liquor Gun Cleaners And Dampers

Dependable Diamond Power Recovery Boiler Components

Recovery Boiler Port Rodders, Liquor Gun Cleaners & Dampers

B&W's Diamond Power recovery boiler components are proven to provide a wide range of benefits that can optimize boiler performance. Our recovery boiler solutions include the dependable SprayRod™ liquor gun cleaner, FlexRod® port rodder, and Velocity Wing™ air flow damper.

Port Rodders & Dampers

FlexRod port rodder

This port rodder is safe, easy to use, low-maintenance and suitable for all manufacturer’s recovery boilers.

Features & Benefits

  • Single stroke operation
  • No exposed moving parts
  • Low maintenance
  • consistent air port cleaning
  • compact, lightweight design

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SprayRod liquor gun cleaner

Uniquely designed to improve the operation of your recovery boiler. Diamond Power® SprayRod™-R Dual Rail Retractable, Automatic Liquor Gun Cleaner:

Features & Benefits

  • Improved Safety Conditions
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Automatic Liquor Gun Cleaner
  • Utilizes Existing Liquor Gun
  • Gun Angle Control for Consistent Liquor Gun Cleaning and Symmetrical Spray Patterns
  • Local Control of System Settings


  • Available for All Recovery Boilers
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Velocity Wing air flow damper

An innovative solution for controling airflow velocity on recovery boilers.

Benefits & Features

  • Easily integrated automatic port rodder
  • Maximum air penetration and air velocity
  • Manual change of damper position
  • Air curtain to prevent air backflow
  • No turbulence in the air port
  • Light weight rodder
  • Compact design
  • Can be installed at any air level

Diamond Power SpoutRunner

Engineered to address the most dangerous task in recovery boiler maintenance, the patented SpoutRunner™ system automates the rodding of smelt for the safety of pulp and paper mill personnel.


  • Minimizes operators’ time spent around the volatile spout deck
  • Durable design made to withstand harsh operating environments
  • Continuous spout cleaning provides undisturbed flow
  • Easy to integrate with existing spout hood
  • Quick setup/removal for easy maintenance
  • Simple to operate, superior performance and more cost-effective than most comparable offerings
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