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Engineered to Last | The Role of Technology in Construction Projects | Libraries Declining?

Posted April 16, 2019

Engineered to last

Recent strategic actions taken by B&W are set to unlock the value of our core businesses and demonstrate that we remain committed to our customers.

Highlights of these actions, announced on April 5, include:
• Company now positioned to return to profitability by unlocking the value of its core businesses
• Agreement provides a $150 million term loan and additional $15 million incremental facility
• Settlements significantly reduce and limit risks and obligations on European renewable loss contracts


Question: What role does technology play in a construction project?

A. Design of temporary supports, structures and scaffolding
B. Design of lifting and rigging systems
C. Crane sizing and placement
D. Provides for a safe, efficient and successful project

The correct answer, of course, is all of the above.

Hear the details on how B&W’s construction team integrates construction technology into all our projects in the latest Ask the Expert segment.


Are libraries declining?

A quick internet search reveals that there are just as many articles stating that libraries are dying as there are which claim libraries are as strong and important as ever. Regardless of which side of the discussion you’re on, we believe that libraries continue to serve an important function as a resource for the collection of credible information and knowledge.

As an industry leader recognized worldwide for publishing Steam/its generation and use, we continue to accept our technical leadership role and have compiled a collection of material useful for steam and power generation professionals. Our Knowledge Library contains technical papers, primers, videos, service bulletins and much more.

Check it out. And like the library, it’s completely free! But unlike the library, we won’t charge for overdue material.

Don't put your boiler's ignition system on the back burner

Reliable ignition is more important than ever with the increasing use of on/off cycling and low load operation. If your boiler has just a couple poor performing ignitors, it can negatively affect the ramp-up rate, lengthen the time to achieve full-load operation, and increase auxiliary fuel costs.

B&W field service engineers or product specialists can conduct a thorough fitness test of all your boiler’s ignitors to assess current operating condition and provide recommendations for potential improvements.


Steven L. Osborn named recipient of B&W's Engineering Honors Award

B&W announced that Steven L. Osborne, a B&W engineer and boiler subject matter expert in our Barberton headquarters, has been named the 2019 recipient of B&W’s Engineering Honors Award. “Engineers drive our innovations and the industry leading products we sell,” said Jimmy Morgan, Senior Vice President. “Steven’s contributions to B&W as an expert in our products, and as an engineer, a mentor and a trusted colleague are immeasurable.”


Did you know?

The B&W Engineering Honors Award was conceived in 1983 by a group of B&W employees to recognize individuals whose extraordinary long-term contributions, commitment, hard work and efforts have left an enduring mark of excellence on their colleagues, the company and our customers. Since its inception, we have honored 41 individuals with this award and collectively, they possess 216 patents.