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[VIDEO] Engineering Technology for the execution of safe, cost-effective and efficient projects

Posted April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019

Chad joins us to discuss how construction technology plays a pivotal role in the Babcock & Wilcox Construction Company, LLC in this installment of B&W's Ask the Expert.

Video Chapters:

0:00 - Introduction

0:18 - What role does construction technology play in the execution of a construction project?

2:51 - What are some benefits of having the engineering function integrated into the B&W Construction Company?

4:07 - How does construction technology help us achieve our Target Zero safety vision?


Lindsey Larson: Welcome to another installment of B&W’s Ask the Expert series. Today we’re here with Chad Longfield, an engineer with B&W for the past 15 years who has a great deal of expertise. But today we’re going to talk to Chad about construction technology.

Welcome, Chad!

Chad Longfield: Thank you

LL: So, to begin with, can you tell me the role that construction technology plays in the execution of a construction project?

CL: Sure! So, construction technology is a group of engineers and designers that are dedicated to providing technical support to our B&W Construction Company. And what this means is we provide engineered solutions to any situation that could arise during a construction project.

Now with the nature of our projects, there is a wide variety of things that require engineered solutions. But just to give you a few examples of the more common situations that we provide solutions for are things like:

Temporary support and structures to ensure that the component that is being built is secure and stable to ensure that it is safe for the workers around it.

Lifting and rigging for the handling of components which is not only important for the safety of the workers on site but also to make sure that we’re not causing damage to the component as it is being lifted and rotated.

Crane sizing and placement to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the equipment as we rent it and to make sure that we are able to meet all the needs of the construction project with that crane.

Scaffolding and temporary platforming systems to give the workers on site the access they need to be able to perform their job to the best of their abilities.

Now, it is important to provide engineered solutions in these situations, not only to ensure safety and cost-effectiveness but also to ensure that we are meeting the requirements of any industry codes or standards or that we’re meeting manufacturing requirements or meeting the customer’s specification.

We also have the ability to provide certified professional engineering designs. Many of our customers require that our designs be certified by an engineer licensed in the state the project is being performed in. Currently within construction technology, between myself and the other engineers, we are licensed in 26 of the states within the U.S.

"Between myself and the other engineers, we are licensed in 26 of the states within the U.S."

CL: The last piece is our field service engineers. These are the engineers that are located on site, full-time, during the execution of the construction project. And they are meant to be the first line of engineering if a situation would arise during the execution of that project. It is extremely important to the people on site to have immediate access to engineering so that they can provide a solution as quickly as possible to keep the progress of the project on schedule.

LL: Tell me more about the benefit of having the engineering function integrated into the B&W Construction Company.

CL: This is one of the things that really differentiates B&W Construction Company from our competitors. Not only are we experts in the field of construction, but everybody in the department has also spent some part of their career designing the equipment that we’re installing. This thorough knowledge of the equipment gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently arrive at the best possible solution in any given situation during a construction project.

"Not only are we experts in the field of construction, but everybody in the department has also spent some part of their career designing the equipment that we're installing."

CL: It is also important to have our input throughout the whole duration of a construction project, everything from initial planning to final execution. One of the most valuable things is how we can minimize the number of changes and challenges early on when we are involved early in the project.

Our construction technology provides assistance and guidance to the other engineering groups within B&W. This ensures that B&W in whole is producing a product that is designed around constructability.

LL: So, as you know, Chad, B&W is dedicated to safety. We value safety and our Target Zero programming. Tell me more about how construction technology is helping us achieve our Target Zero safety vision.

CL: A lot of people, when they think of safety, they think of avoiding slips, trips, and falls or wearing the proper safety equipment like hardhats or safety glasses. But there’s much, much more that goes into ensuring a safe working environment, especially on a construction site. So, many of the things I talked about previously with ensuring component stability and proper rigging and handling or giving employees the access they need to the places in the plant to do their job are all critical to ensuring a safe working environment.

If the workers on site feel confident in their surroundings and they feel safe in their surroundings they are going to ultimately produce a better product and do it as efficiently as possible.

LL: Well thanks Chad for taking the time to highlight some of the important ways that construction technology can make a difference in ensuring a smooth and safe project execution.

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