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Skip the Load Cycling Limbo | B&W Awarded Patent | Evaluating Specifications

Posted July 23, 2019

Skip the Load Cycling Limbo. Find out how low you can go.

With shifts in energy demand and the use of alternative fuel and energy supplies, plant personnel are looking to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of boiler cycling for more flexible operation in meeting varying load requirements. Making targeted upgrades to select components can minimize damage and ensure your steam generation and air quality control systems continue to operate reliably, even at the lowest possible load.


B&W Awarded Patent for Innovative Coal Ash Conveyor

B&W has been awarded a U.S. patent for a Submerged Grind Conveyor (SGC) system, a cost-effective coal ash conveyor system that enables utilities to reduce water usage and their reliance on ash storage ponds, which could result in significant cost savings for utilities. The simplified design of our SGC system delivers operational efficiencies and maintenance cost improvements not available with traditional high-pressure sluice systems.


Evaluating Specifications - Lowest is not always better

In our last issue of the Generator, we linked to an article which provided guidelines for preparing steam generating equipment proposals. The second installment of this series discusses bid evaluation. The best bid is not always the lowest price. A thorough review must consider whether the supplier has offered the intended scope, and any exceptions to the specification must be evaluated. Bid evaluation generally includes such things as a review of scope, operating ease, maintenance and operating costs, design and construction features, schedule, project management and team expertise and experience, commercial terms, and price.


Registration Open - B&W Roll Wheel™ and E/EL Pulverizers Seminar, July 23-24

Join fellow operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel for a 2-day, in-depth technical training seminar on B&W Roll Wheel and E/EL pulverizers. Register today and earn continuing education credits too. The seminar features separate tracks for B&W Roll Wheel and E/EL pulverizer training and includes tours of the ASB Industries and Copley Service Centers. Speakers for this seminar have a combined 100+ years of experience with B&W.

Cooling Tower Upgrade Project Awarded to B&W SPIG

B&W subsidiary, B&W SPIG will use its proven service engineering expertise to develop customized solutions to improve the performance of existing cooling towers for a BASF Dow manufacturing facility in Antwerp, Belgium. SPIG also will replace eight existing cooling tower cells with new units.


Did you know?

B&W has been instrumental in developing solutions for load cycling operation since the 1970s. In fact, we presented several technical papers on this subject to the American Power Conference during the ‘70s and ‘80s.