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Intelligent Sootblowing | Engineered Approaches | Ignitor Refurbishment

Posted October 18, 2019

Intelligent Sootblowing – A Smart Decision

While artificial intelligence may invoke a multitude of images – both good and bad – utilizing this technology for boiler cleaning can provide a multitude of tangible benefits, all of which should convey positive, happy emotions for a plant operator. And what plant owner out there wouldn’t be happy with increased efficiency and optimized performance from their boiler? Intelligent sootblowing has also been identified as one of the EPA’s Best System for Emissions Reductions (BSER) to control CO2 in its recently published ACE Rule.

Learn more about intelligent sootblowing, what it is, how it works, and how you can improve your plant’s heat rate and efficiency.

Engineered Approaches in Construction, and Construction Methods

Engineering is an integral component of the safe and successful execution of most construction projects. Taking an engineered approach to the execution of heavy lifts requires the use of specialized tools, equipment, rigs, jigs and fixtures.

This new article in our Learning Center reviews some of the engineering approaches in construction and three basic construction methods, as well as the factors that influence the chosen erection methods.

Ignitor Refurbishment Results in Significant Savings

When plant operators observed that their 1300 MW supercritical unit could not light off, they called upon B&W to help assess the condition of the ignition equipment and develop a plan to refurbish it to safe, reliable operation. We worked with plant personnel to pull all 96 of the unit’s ignitors and upgrade them to OEM standards.

Read how this project reduced light-off time by nearly 95 percent and enabled the plant to realize significant cost savings.


Recovery Boiler Refurbishment Project Awarded to B&W

B&W’s comprehensive scope for this project, valued at more than $12 million, will include the design and manufacture of a steam drum, furnace, superheater, generating bank, air system, economizer and other components for one of the plant’s recovery boilers.

This contract award continues our longstanding history of serving the pulp and paper industry with quality parts, upgrades and services for steam generation.


Did You Know?

Did you know that the industry-standard Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI) was named after Ralph M. Hardgrove (1891 to 1978), who, while employed by B&W, developed a procedure to measure and compare the grindability of coal?

Hardgrove was the holder of 96 patents throughout his career with B&W, Bailey Meter Company, and Stock Equipment Company. Grindability is an important factor for the design of a coal pulverizer or mill. As grindability depends on many unknown factors, HGI is determined empirically using a sample mill. The procedure is generally accepted and standardized by ASTM-Standard D 409, DIN 51742 and ISO 5074.