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CFB in the Sub-arctic | Flexible ESP Control | Now We See

Posted August 27, 2020

B&W Environmental, B&W Renewable, and B&W Thermal

BW Enviornmental Renewable Thermal

We launched our new B&W Environmental, B&W Renewable, and B&W Thermal brands as part of a strategic, market-focused organizational and re-branding initiative to accelerate growth and provide improved visibility into our renewable and environmental growth platforms while maintaining our strong presence in thermal steam generation.

Providing Heat and Power in the Cold North

Providing Heat and Power in the Cold North

Our latest circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) boiler installation is proving its worth in the rugged locale of Alaska. The sub-arctic climate created unique scheduling, logistical and operational challenges at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks – and we met them all.

Reagent Preparation and Dewatering in a Wet FGD System

Reagent Preparation and Dewatering in a Wet FGD System

As wet FGD systems are upgraded and SO2 removal is increased, a systematic review of other components is also necessary, both upstream and downstream, to accommodate reagent preparation requirements and additional byproducts. This article reviews potential upgrades to the reagent preparation and dewatering systems.

Flexible Control for Your ESP

Flexible Control for Your ESP

To be flexible and powerful are two traits not always mutually exclusive. As the newest addition to our proven SQ-300® automatic voltage controller, the SQ-300i Hybrid AVC can control either a conventional, single-phase transformer rectifier (T/R) set or a low ripple, 3-phase T/R set. This provides users with the flexibility to control two different types of power supplies from a single component, simplifying current operation while accommodating later upgrades.

Now We See Clearly

Now We See Clearly

Our Diamond Power® cameras have allowed plant operators to accurately view and monitor internal furnace and process applications for many years. In fact, we were the first company to provide industrial viewing systems. And we’re constantly looking for ways to update and improve our product offerings. Check out our newly available/updated AT IV and AT SW versions of our SmeltCam and UtiliCam camera systems.

Did you know?

Our updated branding reinforces our strong history in all three key areas of our company:

Renewable – Vølund™ waste-to-energy technology has been progressing for more than 100 years.

Environmental – in addition to the development of the first black liquor recovery boiler, we were researching emissions control technologies even before U.S. governmental regulations began in the 1970s.

Thermal – going back to the founding of B&W in 1867, as well as the publishing of our first edition of Steam/its generation and use in 1875, we have been leaders in the development and advancement of safe and more efficient steam generation technologies.