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Boiler Cleaning | Win-Win for Bottom Ash Conveyance | Legacy Names

Posted March 9, 2019

Primed to Learn - Boiler Cleaning

Keeping your boiler clean during operation is critical to maximizing the thermal efficiency of the boiler and maintaining the proper flue gas temperatures at critical locations within the steam generating system.

To more fully understand the differences in boiler cleaning technologies and operation, B&W has prepared a primer and definitions of key terminology used in all aspects of online boiler cleaning.


A Win-Win for Bottom Ash Conveyance

Lower O&M costs.
Environmental compliance.
You can have your cake and eat it too! When developing a zero-liquid discharge strategy for your boiler’s bottom ash removal, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice one for the other.

B&W’s submerged grind conveyor captures the best of both worlds because it does not use water for sluicing, yet is designed to fit seamlessly beneath existing bottom ash hoppers (which means lower retrofit costs) and have a high degree of flexibility in working around existing obstacles.


Do these legacy names sound familiar?

Joy Western.

If so, then you may be operating an electrostatic precipitator originally designed and manufactured by one of these companies. And more importantly, you may be able to significantly improve your ESP performance by allowing B&W to conduct a complete review of your unit’s current operating condition, including all mechanical and electrical components and control system.


Save the Dates

We have finalized the dates and topics for our 2019 slate of Technical Training Seminars. Seminar participants will hear from recognized experts in the subject area, and will receive resource material to reinforce the lessons learned in the presentations. Participants also earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through The University of Akron’s UA Solutions Program.

This year’s lineup includes:

  • Electrostatic Precipitator Controls & Maintenance: June 25-27, CEU: 1.8

  • B&W Roll Wheel™ and E/El Pulverizers: July 23-24, CEU: 1.6

  • Utility Boiler Operations & Maintenance: August 20-22, CEU: 1.8

Did you know?

In the same year the Wright Brothers first became airborne (1903), a German immigrant named Raphael Herman established a company in Detroit, Michigan, for the manufacture of hand-operated boiler cleaning devices. This is the beginning of Diamond Power Specialty Company. Becoming an integral part of B&W in 1922, our “power specialty” products have evolved from those early scale removers for small steam generators to sophisticated cleaning systems and accessories for the world’s largest boilers.