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Renewable Energy Summit Meetings in Scandinavia

Posted June 20, 2024

As leaders in the renewable energy industry committed to the collective advancement of technology – and the people who drive it – B&W Renewable hosts waste-to-energy and biomass-to-energy experts from throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway for an epic knowledge-sharing event. Known as ERFA which is short for the Danish word “erfaring,” meaning “experience,” these highly anticipated meetings bring together customers, partners, competitors and colleagues who make and support operations and maintenance decisions. These by-invitation-only meetings are typically held in the Spring, with the most recent being in April 2024.

To help share best practices among the attendees, topics addressed during the meeting vary based on trending challenges, such as: flue gas cleaning, sourcing fuel, emissions reduction, safety, capacity upgrades, boiler cleaning, aging assets and life extensions, automation, and computational fluid dynamics, for example. The 2024 meeting, in particular, focused on current and on-the-horizon issues including:

  • Sprayed corrosion protection compared to welded
  • The output of a drone inspection of a boiler
  • Examples of and advantages to 3-D scanning parts of a plant prior to installation tasks
  • Effects of new EU legislation
  • How various energy producers are working together to make Power-to-X a profitable reality, and more.

The meetings include a field trip, usually to a plant, to give attendees an up-close look at some of the technologies and processes discussed during the meeting.

B&W has held these gatherings since 2002, first annually, now every other year. We’re looking forward to the next one in 2026!