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Southwestern Electric Power Company-Fulton, Arkansas

John W Turk Jr Unit 1 Babcock Wilcox

John W. Turk, Jr. Unit 1

Southwestern Electric Power Company

American Electric Power

Fulton, Arkansas

Plant Owner

Southwestern Electric Power Company,

American Electric Power

Plant Name

John W. Turk, Jr. Unit 1


Fulton, Arkansas

Contract Order: 2006

Commercial Operation: 2012

B&W Scope

  • Ultra-supercritical coal-fired boiler with air quality control system
  • Construction by Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co., Inc.
  • Startup and commissioning advisory services
  • Training

Boiler Specifications

  • Boiler type: Pulverized coal-fired Spiral Wound Universal Pressure (SWUP) -type supercritical boiler
  • Design fuel: Low sulfur Powder River Basin coal
  • Nominal capacity: 600 MW net
  • Steam flow: 4,419,400 lb/h (557 kg/s)
  • Superheater outlet pressure:3789 psig (26.2 MPa)
  • SH/RH outlet temperature: 1114/1126 F (601/608 C)

Environmental Equipment

Other Equipment Supplied by B&W

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Sectional Sideview of John W. Turk, Jr. Unit 1 Boiler with Air Quality Control


John W. Turk Jr. Sideview