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More than 300,000 | Waste Not, Want Not | Workhorse Breed

Posted June 23, 2020

More than 300,000 MW and Growing

While we continue to serve existing worldwide power plants with component upgrades and services, we also remain committed to developing and executing new ways to generate steam more efficiently and cleaner than ever. As an OEM who began our journey in 1867, our advanced supercritical and fluidized-bed boiler technologies, among many others, and proven emissions control systems are installed around the globe. After all, we wrote the book on steam and we will continue to add chapters to our legacy everywhere reliable and clean steam generation is needed.


Waste Not, Want Not

Fully complementary to recycling programs, the waste-to-energy process is a vital part of a strong and sustainable waste management chain. Its benefits are many, including resource recovery, an offset of greenhouse gases, and a reduction in landfill requirements, to name just a few. Check out all the benefits, as well as facts which dispel the many myths that surround this clean and environmentally sound technology.


A Breed of its Own

When it comes to industrial equipment, there are “one-trick ponies” that do one job and one job only. Then there’s B&W water-tube boilers. These low-maintenance workhorses usually are selected to tackle many jobs, providing benefits such as reliable steam generation, lower emissions, meeting zero liquid discharge requirements, providing operational flexibility for high turndown and fast load ramping, and much more.


B&W SPIG Awarded Air-Cooled Condenser Retrofit Contract for Renewable Energy Plant in France

B&W’s cooling system solutions subsidiary was awarded a contract by SUEZ RV Energie to upgrade an air-cooled condenser for its waste-to-energy plant in Rambervillers, France. B&W SPIG previously completed a similar project as well as several service projects for other SUEZ plants.


Did you know?

Quarantines around the world have provided an opportunity for many of us to catch up on reading – turning or clicking through pages that stretch minds and/or provide respite. We salute all the local libraries who provide creative ways to keep their communities reading, including the Westerly Library in Rhode Island, which B&W Founder Stephen Wilcox helped to open in 1894.