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Hello Good Biomass | Top ESP Design | Epic Results

Posted February 27, 2021

Say hello to good biomass

Say hello to good biomass

The use of biomass fuels for transportation and for electricity generation is increasing in many developed countries as a means of avoiding carbon dioxide emissions (EIA, 08/2020). To share knowledge on this important topic, B&W is excited to participate at the 14th International Biomass Conference & Expo on March 16-17.  This year’s virtual conference highlights all things biomass and features a presentation by B&W Subject Matter Expert and Advisory Engineer Jim DeSellem, Unlocking the Combustion Question for a Waste Stream.”
If you’re registered for the conference, be sure to tune in to Jim’s presentation on Wednesday at approximately 2:15pm CST for achieving successful and sustainable conversion of cellulosic ethanol waste to usable energy.

Which ESP design comes out on top?

Which ESP design comes out on top

In choosing between top-rapped or tumbling hammer electrostatic precipitator designs, one offers significantly improved performance and maintainability. In the January 2021 edition of International Cement Review, B&W’s John Knapik offers an analysis and a solution to further reduce particulate matter on marginally performing ESPs. The article highlights advantages of the leading design and how to achieve greater performance through a conversion.
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New contracts contribute to cleaner energy

B&W is proud to support our customers’ commitments to protecting our environment and advancing cleaner energy. Recent project awards include:



More good news flowing

New contracts contribute to cleaner energy v2

Our B&W Thermal segment has been awarded a US$15 million contract to supply industrial boilers essential to the desalination process of an important municipal project. The high-temperature, high-pressure, natural gas-fired package boilers will be used to help provide the municipality with drinking water for local residents and businesses. 


An EPIC video highlighting EPIC results

An EPIC video highlighting EPIC results

B&W experts Tim Fuller and Jeremy Brown recently delivered a video presentation to EPIC (Energy Progress and Innovation Conference) on the results of our successful data-driven project at a U.S. power plant. After installing FocalPoint™ software-based combustion optimization platform, the plant reduced emissions and improved performance and ramp rates.


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