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ESP Virtual Seminar | Eco-friendly Cooling | Ash Handling

Posted September 14, 2020

Virtual Seminar: Electrostatic Precipitator Controls & Maintenance

Virtual Seminar Electrostatic Precipitator Controls Maintenance

Register today to learn more about ESP theory and operation from a convenient, interactive virtual classroom!
B&W’s Electrostatic Precipitator Controls & Maintenance Virtual Event will take place next week, on September 22, 2020 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM ET.
This virtual training session will educate participants on the factors affecting ESP performance, such as normal maintenance techniques and procedures, and current trends in energization of precipitators. Topics will apply to any ESP application. Participants will learn methods to improve performance of existing precipitators to meet regulatory and operational goals while earning 0.2 CEUs for attending.
Two recognized subject experts will lead this seminar and be available for live questions and dialogue. All attendees will receive printed training manuals and resources to reinforce lessons learned during the session.

Eco-friendly Cooling System Reduces Water Usage

Eco friendly Cooling System Reduces Water Usage

A successful installation of a new cooling tower system at a combined cycle natural gas power plant in Spain is designed to reduce water usage and reliance on chemicals for water treatment. This seawater cooling tower design helps safeguard delicate marine ecosystems and reduce overall environmental impact by decreasing or eliminating the need for desalination and processing of cooling water.

Another Innovative Ash Handling Installation

Another Innovative Ash Handling Installation

Our B&W Environmental segment will supply another patented ash-handling system, this time for a utility in Wisconsin. The unique and patented submerged grind conveyor solution uses no ash transport water, resulting in a closed-loop process with no liquid discharge into the environment. This is a significant step to reduce environmental impact.

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