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Environmental Systems Upgrades | Power Plant Safety Tips | O&M Seminar

Posted August 15, 2019

Environmental Systems Upgrades Can Significantly Improve Results

Upgrading an existing wet FGD system may be an effective way to improve SO2 removal, allow the use of lower cost higher sulfur coals, reduce power consumption, allow for the use of an alternate, lower-cost reagent, and improve the reliability of the system while reducing the operating and maintenance costs. Our introduction to the topic includes an article on the benefits of absorber gas-liquid contact devices.


15 Power Plant Safety Tips

Our focus on safety extends to our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, and all those who we interact with, whether on a job site, in a manufacturing facility, or even in an office setting. While certainly not an exclusive list, we’ve identified 15 safety precautions to follow when working in or near a boiler or other equipment found at power plants.


Earn Professional Credit - Register for Our Utility Boiler O&M Seminar, August 20-22

Join fellow operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel for a 2-day, in-depth technical training seminar on utility boiler operation and maintenance. Our program features presenters who average more than 20 years of industry experience. Covered in the course are boiler and boiler component design, safety, inspection, maintenance, firing systems and pulverizers, and methods for overall increased boiler availability and reliability.

Recovery Boiler Numerical Modeling

Detailed combustion models have been developed by B&W and, used in conjunction with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, are useful for evaluating the effect of a wide range of design alternatives in a relatively short timeframe and at a reduced cost. In this article, we present models that we conducted for a black liquor recovery boiler’s air and fuel delivery systems, gas velocity and furnace temperature distribution.


B&W SPIG Recognized for Successful Cooling Tower Refurbishment in Egypt

SPIG, S.p.A. (B&W SPIG), a subsidiary of B&W, has successfully completed a cooling tower refurbishment project for a methanol production facility in Damietta, Egypt, earning a letter of commendation from its customer, the Egyptian Methanex Methanol Company S.A.E. B&W SPIG provided materials and services for the upgrade of four of the plant’s cooling tower cells, and has supplied materials for four additional cooling tower cells for the second phase of the upgrade project.


Did you know?

Since the 1970s, governments worldwide have used legislation to place caps on emissions and those limits have grown stricter in recent years. Because of these limits, B&W developed a variety of post-combustion environmental technologies to limit SOx, NOx, mercury, particulates, and other emissions. Fluidized-bed combustion technology, which offers the ability to simultaneously control SO2 and NOx formation as an integral part of the combustion process, as well as burn a variety of waste and other difficult to combust fuels, was also a result of efforts to find cleaner ways to generate steam.