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Energy: More to Store | Attainability of Sustainability

Posted July 29, 2021

Progress Toward Long-term Storage of Zero-Carbon, Renewable Energy

Progress Toward Long term Storage of Zero Carbon Renewable Energy

B&W signed an agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in pursuit of a long-term thermal energy storage system that would allow power producers to store solar or wind energy, enabling continuous, reliable, grid-scale power.


B&W Selected to Help Clean Air in Asia

BW Selected to Help Clean Air in Asia

B&W received two contracts to upgrade a plant’s existing combustion equipment, supplying a B&W AireJet® low-NOx (nitrogen oxides) combustion system and other equipment to reduce emissions and improve efficiency.


The Attainability of Sustainability

The Attainability of Sustainability

B&W’s Vice President of Global Engineering, Brandy Johnson, was recently interviewed for an article by Enlit Asia covering biomass and waste as viable renewable energy sources to help combat climate change. She also discussed other challenges and opportunities for power providers to lessen the environmental impact of greenhouse gases.


New Waste Heat Boiler for Midwest Refinery

New Waste Heat Boiler for Midwest Refinery

A large Midwest refinery awarded B&W a project to replace its FCC carbon monoxide (CO) boiler with a waste heat recovery unit to increase unit reliability and lengthen run time between outages. Did it work? The unit has been continuously operating four years without an outage or performance issues.


Did you know?

B&W published the first edition of Steam/its generation and use in 1875. To this day, it is the most comprehensive study of steam power available and is used as a textbook throughout the world.