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Clever Technologies for Bottom Ash Management

Posted November 4, 2018

October 04, 2018

B&W’s unique and patented Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Submerged Grind Conveyor (SGC) system is a cost-effective solution to high operation and maintenance costs for existing bottom ash systems. The SGC system uses existing infrastructure to help plants upgrade faster with minimal impact to operations, and will also help support future Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) management rules and Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELG).

Submerged Grind Conveyor Babcock Wilcox

Read Burns & McDonnell’s evaluation of the regulations and the available options for compliance.

A simplified and cost-effective system that meets zero-discharge bottom ash removal requirements with consideration to each unique plant layout.

Every aspect of our SGC’s design took into account the impact of a retrofit from its initial installation through its ongoing operation. Because our SGC is small and compact — and doesn’t require the removal or displacement of bottom ash hoppers or slag tanks, ash gates, clinker grinders, transfer enclosures and other existing equipment — installation can be accelerated to save time at a lower cost than other bottom ash conveyance systems. In addition, the simpler, mechanical transfer conveyor design has low auxiliary power requirements and low maintenance costs. All of these benefits come with the high performance, predictable results and trusted reliability you have come to expect from B&W and the Allen-Sherman-Hoff line of material handling solutions.

To ease maintenance over time and use of the conveyor, the existing ash gate was designed to isolate the conveyor from the ash hopper. The boiler can stay online since ash can be stored in the existing ash hopper, and the conveyors are equipped with variable speed drives to make up for any resulting slowdown.

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