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Babcock & Wilcox is your source for quality replacement parts, engineered components and upgrades, services and programs - regardless of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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How do you maintain your competitive edge in today’s market? Are you operating at peak efficiency and maximizing the returns on your assets? Are you partnering with a proven service provider you can rely on to provide ongoing maintenance support, quality replacement parts and new technologies when needed to meet the latest environmental regulations?

These are some of the reasons to choose Babcock & Wilcox as your one-stop aftermarket supplier for your entire plant. Use this quick guide to learn more about the vital parts of our Power Plant Parts, Upgrades, Controls and Services. Hover or tap on a dot to learn more.

Power Plant Clean Power Production Babcock Wilcox
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Combustion Systems

  • Pulverizers
  • Low NOx burners
  • Igniters and scanners
  • Overfire air systems
  • Cyclone furnaces
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Combustion Systems

  • Pulverizers
  • Low NOx burners
  • Igniters and scanners
  • Overfire air systems
  • Cyclone furnaces
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  • Pressure parts
  • Non-pressure parts
  • Diamond Power® sootblowers
  • Air heaters
  • Fans
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Controls and Diagnostic Systems

  • Advanced performance technologies
  • Sootblowing controls and intelligent software
  • Precipitator controls and software
  • Boiler control and monitoring systems
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Post-Combustion NOx Control

  • Selective catalytic reduction
  • Selective non-catalytic reduction
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Ash and Material Handling

  • Allen-Sherman-Hoff® bottom ash systems
  • Allen-Sherman-Hoff® fly ash systems
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Ash and Material Handling

  • Allen-Sherman-Hoff® bottom ash systems
  • Allen-Sherman-Hoff® fly ash systems
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Particulate Control

  • Electrostatic precipitators (ESP)
  • Fabric filter baghouses
  • Dust collectors
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Mercury, Acid Gas and HAP Control

  • Wet scrubbers
  • Dry scrubbers
  • Dry sorbent injection
  • Activated carbon injection


From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET (12:00 to 21:00 UTC), please call:

Phone: +1 330 860 1460 or toll free within

North America (1 800 354 4400)

After hours: 1 800 BABCOCK (222 2625)

24/7 Phone Support

Alternatively, for direct access to specific OEM aftermarket parts and services by product line:

Babcock & Wilcox® Boiler and Environmental Parts & Service Phone: +1 330 860 1460 or toll free within North America 1 800 354 4400 After-hours 1 800 BABCOCK

Diamond Power® Boiler Cleaning Parts & Service Phone: +1 740 687 4160 or toll free within North America 1 800 848 5086 After-hours Emergencies 1 800 876 9762

Allen-Sherman-Hoff® Ash Handling Parts and Service Phone: +1 740 687 4160 or toll free within North America 1 800 848 5086 After-hours Emergencies 1 800 876 9762

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Replacement Parts Chute-to Stack for Any Equipment Configuration



  • Pulverizers and Components
  • Burners and Ignitors (including FPS™ ignitors)
  • Pressure Parts and Attemperators
  • Sootblowers
  • Coal Piping and Air Heaters
  • Bottom Ash Handling
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems
  • Boiler Tubes

Particulate Control


  • Fabric Filter (including cages)
  • Electrostatic Preciptitator (wet & dry)
  • Multiclone® Dust Collector
  • Fly Ash Handling

Flue Gas Desulfirzation

  • Spray Dryer Absorber (Including Niro® atomizers)
  • Circulating Dry Scrubber
  • Seawater Scrubber
  • Wet FGD


B&W can customize a program to meet the specific needs of your operations, including component upgrades, retrofits and services.

Strategic alliances can provide both short- and long-term benefits which result in operational and financial advantages. Partnering with Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) for larger capital projects means you’ll receive the added benefit of working with a supplier who has the breadth of technical expertise and proven capabilities to provide solutions for virtually all boiler, auxiliary and environmental systems at a power plant.

Benefits of strategic alliances

  • Enhanced communication for improved planning and greater project control
  • Single-point accountability simplifies project structure
  • More accurate forecasting of budgets and cash flow improves financial reporting and capital expenditure planning
  • Open pricing structure reduces hidden contingency costs
  • Elimination of the bid cycle compresses project schedule
  • Financial benefits of a successful project are shared between organizations

Assured Stock Program

Assured Stock Program (ASP) inventory management allows you to tailor a plan which can incorporate a variety of components and B&W services. The program is adaptable, easily implemented and can incorporate additional B&W services such as component rebuilds and upgrades.

ASP applications can be tailored to your needs to include a variety of E/EL and B&W Roll Wheel® pulverizer components. The program reduces the overall cost of obtaining parts and components, while maintaining and improving power generation reliability and availability.

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Boiler Parts

Whether for emergency requirements or scheduled outages, B&W's regional service centers can help reduce downtime. Solutions include pressure parts (boiler tubes, tube wall panels, headers and steam drums, economizers and more) and non-pressure parts, such as burner components, igniters, attemperators and air heaters. Our dedicated customer service team along with field service and sales engineers can provide you with the technical support you need.

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B&W Roll Wheel™ Pulverizers

B&W continually develops new technologies to improve the reliability and overall performance, and to reduce operating and maintenance costs of its B&W Roll Wheel™ pulverizer. Our many design innovations and improvements have proven effective in applications worldwide.

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B&W E/EL Pulverizers

Since B&W introduced the E and EL pulverizers, a significant number of functional and mechanical improvements have been made. These improvements provide added benefits to our customers such as increasing availability and reliability, and reducing maintenance.

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CE-Type Mills/Pulverizers

B&W is now applying its vast experience and knowledge of roll wheel and ball-and-race pulverizers to provide quality replacement parts, services and inventory management programs to Combustion Engineering (CE)-type pulverizers.

We support pulverizers manufactured by CE and others, including:

  • CE/Raymond deep bowl mills
  • CE shallow bowl mills
  • ARVOS/Raymond roller mills
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Niro Atomizer Oil Pump & Gear Unit Exchanges

B&W is the exclusive North American licensee of GEA Process Engineering A/S, for the GEA Niro spray dry absorber (SDA) process serving the air pollution control needs of the power, energy-from-waste and industrial sectors. This process is globally recognized as the spray dry flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology of choice. The heart of this system is the GEA Niro rotary atomizer which is used to atomize a mixture of lime and recycle slurry into a fine spray. The GEA Niro rotary atomizer is a robust, heavy-duty design, utilizing specially selected abrasion resistant materials for reliable, safe and continuous operation between scheduled maintenance.

One call to B&W provides access to the largest North American inventory of original GEA Niro replacement parts. The GEA Niro warehouse stocks all major components and replacement parts for the atomizer, including:

  • Gear boxes
  • Atomizer wheels
  • Oil coolers
  • Oil pumps
  • Lubrication system components
  • Spindles
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B&W Diamond Power Products

To extend the life of your existing Diamond Power® equipment, our service centers are fully equipped for a wide range of services, from simple poppet valve rebuilds to complete sootblower refurbishment.

All factory-serviced rebuilds and exchanges carry the same warranty as if purchased new.

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Ash Handling System Replacement Parts and Performance Upgrades

B&W provides high performance parts and upgrades for its Allen-Sherman-Hoff® line of ash handling equipment, as well as most other brands. Inventory is maintained for a wide range of critical parts that include:

  • Bottom ash components
  • Fly ash components
  • Piping and fittings.
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B&W SPIG Cooling System Services, Upgrades & Maintenance

B&W SPIG provides comprehensive, competitively priced spare and replacement parts for wet and dry cooling systems from a worldwide network of service locations on short notice. Highly qualified technicians, supported by advanced measuring instruments, inspect and test existing installations and advise on the most prudent course of action for improved operation. Detailed inspection reports with clear recommendations provide the operator with the confidence of working with us.

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Resident Service Engineer Programs

Our resident service engineers work regularly with your operation, maintenance and engineering personnel.

As your single point-of-contact, he or she is highly knowledgeable about your plant and its equipment, offering advisory services, replacement parts and upgrade support.