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Millmerran Power Station Case Study

Millmerran Power Station Units 1 And 2 Pulverized Coal Fired Supercritical Boiler Babcock Wilcox

Millmerran Power Station Units 1 and 2

Millmerran Power Partners

Millmerran, Queensland, Australia

Plant Owner

Millmerran Power Partners

Plant Name

Millmerran Power Station

Units 1 and 2

Project Developer


EPC Contractor



Millmerran, Queensland, Australia

Contract Order: 1999

Commercial Operation: 2002

B&W Scope

  • Two supercritical coal-fired boilers and related equipment
  • Startup and commissioning advisory services

Boiler Specifications

  • Boiler type: Pulverized coal-fired Spiral Wound Universal Pressure (SWUP™)-type supercritical boiler
  • Design fuel: Low sulfur, bituminous coal (high ash)
  • Capacity: 2 X 420 MW net
  • Steam flow: 2,812,000 lb/h (354 kg/s)
  • Superheater outlet pressure: 3596 psig (24.8 MPa)
  • SH/RH outlet temperature: 1054/1105 F (568/596 C)

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Millmerran Power Station Dark

Other Equipment Supplied by B&W

Project Facts

  • Supercritical cycle uses less coal and reduces carbon dioxide emissions when compared to a conventional coal-fired power station.
  • Plant uses low sulfur coal mined from the adjacent Commodore coal deposit.
  • Power station uses only 10% of the water typically required by a generating plant of this size.
  • Electricity produced is pooled in Australia’s national grid to meet increased energy demand.

Millmerran Power Station Sideview