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AG Processing Case Study

AG Processing CFB Boiler Babcock Wilcox

AG Processing CFB Boiler

AG Processing Inc.

Hastings, Nebraska

Plant Owner

AG Processing Inc.


Hastings, Nebraska

Contract Order: 2006

Commercial Operation: 2009

B&W Scope

Coal-fired internal recirculation circulating fluidized-bed (IR-CFB) boiler from outlet of coal bunkers to outlet of tubular air heater including:

  • FD fan and motor
  • Tubular air heater
  • Steam coil air heater
  • Multi-cyclone dust collector
  • Ash recycle/reinjection system
  • Limestone injection system
  • Coal feeding system
  • Start-up burners
  • Refractory lined lower furnace with erosion protection at the Reduced Diameter Zone (RDZ) transition
  • Segmented U-beam primary particle collectors with watercooled support system
  • Bed drain screw coolers
  • Bed drain solids conditioning equipment including a screener and crusher
  • Sootblower boiler cleaning system.
  • Attemperator and spray water control station
  • Flues and ducts
  • Ammonia forwarding, control and injection system
  • Instrumentation
  • Technical advisory services during startup and commissioning

Boiler Specifications

  • Boiler type: Internal recirculation CFB design
  • Design fuel: Powder River Basin coal
  • Startup fuel: Natural gas
  • Steam flow: 311,000 lb/h (37.8 kg/s)
  • Steam pressure: 150 psig (1034 kPa)
  • Steam temperature: 440F (227C)

Environmental Equipment

Project/Boiler Facts

  • Low pressure and temperature steam from the boiler is supplied primarily for soy bean processing.
  • The addition of limestone to the circulating bed reduces SO2 emissions from the boiler.
  • Low furnace temperatures, staged combustion and SNCR system limit NOx emissions.
  • Unique two-stage solids collection system using U-beams and multi-cyclone dust collector (MDC) provides superior collection efficiency. The recycling of solids collected by the MDC improves combustion efficiency and limestone utilization.
  • The U-beam and MDC solids collection system requires significantly less maintenance than hot cyclones.
  • A patented RDZ design with silicon carbide tiles at the top edge of the furnace refractory is used to minimize tube erosion at the interface

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Sectional Sideview of the AG Processing CFB boiler.

AG Processing Sideview