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Season is always "Spring" at B&W

Posted September 12, 2018

September 12, 2018

Sometimes outages are planned. Options can be evaluated, suppliers can be ranked. Schedules can be flexible.

Sometimes they're not, and time and trust are the only things that matter.

Last weekend, one of our customers found boiler tube leaks at its coal-fired power plant and took the unit offline. We were called Saturday morning to help restore the unit to full and safe operation.

Our engineers and shop teams went to work to identify what was needed, bend the required replacement tubes to spec and ship them out to the site.

The shipment was delivered and the tubes installed on Sunday. The plant was up and running by Monday.

The customer was impressed with our quality and speed in "springing" into action.

But hopefully they weren't surprised.

It's what we do.

It's what we've always done.

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