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Honing in on Hydrogen in Houston

Posted June 22, 2022

We recently participated in the sold-out, jam-packed, hot-topic Hydrogen Technology Expo North America in Houston, Texas. The two-day event brought together people with important questions about and innovative solutions for how to strategically approach low-carbon hydrogen projects in the energy transition. Our team and technologies were in the spotlight.

The expo included technical sessions which followed three tracks: Hydrogen Production, Storage and Infrastructure Development; Fuel Cell Design, Development and Manufacturing; and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage. Our Dr. Brian Higgins gave a well-attended presentation: Chemical Looping for Steam, Hydrogen or Syngas Production with CO2 Capture for Carbon Footprint Reduction, in which he discussed the green energy landscape, decarbonization options, and B&W’s BrightLoop™ chemical looping technology for isolating carbon and generating hydrogen. The talk concluded with a vibrant Q&A session that continued into the break and back at our booth on the status of the technology and specific applications for it.

Our participation in these events provides us with a great opportunity to share what we offer, but also gives us an opportunity to listen, ensuring our technology development is aligned with market drivers. A variety of presentations were made by regulatory, business and industry experts from organizations small and large, startup and established. Some key takeaways from the sessions include:

  1. Safety, reliability, cost and sustainability are uncompromising drivers with customers
  2. Large-scale energy storage for H2 solutions, regulation and safety standards are areas of focus
  3. Diversified methods of hydrogen production are needed to grow the market, and those who use existing infrastructure will be the most successful
  4. Tax credits and H2 hubs are on track to provide framework for and accelerate hydrogen projects
  5. Disadvantaged communities cannot be left behind in the energy transition

Meanwhile, at our booth in the exhibit hall, there was a steady line of attendees waiting to speak to our team throughout the event. We ran out of literature the first day, and met many great people – people at different stages in their interest and/or deployment of decarbonization technologies, but all focused on the environment and making progress in clean energy generation.

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