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FPS® 9650 Valve Series – SIL Certification

Posted January 6, 2023

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Halifax, NS (January 6, 2023) – B&W is dedicated to the continued development of new and existing products to provide a diverse offering to our customers. We are also committed to providing our customers and employees with a safe work environment, tools and components with our Target Zero program. We are excited to announce the receipt of a Functional Safety Certification for the FPS® 9650 Valve Series.

The 9650 Valve Series are electro-pneumatic quarter-turn automated ball valves and serve as a final element in a Safety Instrumented System (SIS). The safety function of the element is to return the ball to the designed fail-safe position within a specified time. The functional safety certification has been assessed as per the requirements of IEC61508:2010 and meets the requirements of providing a Safety Integrity Level of SIL 3.

Unlike conventional automated ball valves used in functional safety applications where the individual components of the assembly – valve body, actuator, solenoid – contain individual sets of failure data, the FPS 9650 Valve Series is a complete SIL-rated assembly. This provides customers and end users alike with failure data for a complete automated package which streamlines SIF calculations and allows B&W to provide a designed comprehensive valve package.

The 9650 Valve Series is capable for use in SIL2 @ HFT = 0 and SIL 3 @ HFT = 1.