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Article features landmark BrightLoop technology project

Posted February 6, 2024

B&W’s patented BrightLoop™ chemical looping technology has been selected to convert coal into hydrogen for a first-of-its-kind reactor plant in Wyoming.

The project, in partnership with Black Hills Energy, was featured in a recent article by the Casper Star-Tribune that Black Hills Energy - Neil Simpson Complex Maphighlighted our “big, bold and cutting-edge” technology and how it could simultaneously extend the life of Wyoming’s abundant coal fuel supply and advance the state’s “vanguard” position in the global energy transition.

The article included an interview with Chief Technology Officer Brandy Johnson. She discussed the advantages of the BrightLoop process over other hydrogen generation options, namely its lower reliance on electricity from the grid and flexibility in accommodating a variety of solid fuel sources, all while capturing carbon. She noted the project will further demonstrate that using coal, hydrogen can be produced and CO2 captured and separated for storage or beneficial use for viable, sustainable clean energy.

The plant is planned to be constructed by 2026 and will be capable of producing 15 metric tons of clean hydrogen per day.