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Waste-Fired Boiler Line Case Study

In Europe there is an increasing market demand for technologies capable of burning waste with high heating values. In Scandinavia it is common to burn large fractions of industrial waste including demolition wood and different types of biomass. In order to meet the periodically very high heating values, B&W developed new combustion technology that can be adapted to high or fluctuating heating values.

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Waste-to-Energy Plant Case Study

This plant will supply approximately 43 MW of heat to the district heating network in Aalborg. The efficiency is approximately 100%, and the energy produced will supply some 16,000 houses with electricity, and 30,000 houses with district heating.

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Waste-to-Energy Refuse-Derived Fuel Case Study

With a combustion capacity of 37 tonnes waste an hour (9.2 MJ/kg), the Högdalen unit is characterized by flexibility. The plant is capable of burning municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste – mainly refuse-derived fuel (RDF). B&W’s supply includes a furnace/boiler with economiser, a complete ash/slag system and a system for transporting fly ash from the boiler rear pass.

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Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex, Rayong, Thailand Case Study

Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex (IRPC), the first fully integrated petrochemical complex in Southeast Asia, is located in an industrial area of Rayong, Thailand, with energy and sea port operations to support the area’s businesses. A subsidiary of Global Power Synergy PCL, IRPC Clean Power Company, Ltd., (IRPC CP) owns and operates a cogeneration plant that produces and sells steam and electrical power.

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Millmerran Power Station Case Study

Plant Name
Millmerran Power Station
Units 1 and 2

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Southwestern Electric Power Company-Fulton, Arkansas

Southwestern Electric Power Company
American Electric Power
Fulton, Arkansas

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American Electric Power (AEP) Case Study

When plant operators observed that the unit could not light off, they called upon B&W to help assess the condition of the ignition equipment and develop a plan to refurbish it to safe, reliable operation. Read how we worked with plant personnel to pull all 96 of the unit’s ignitors and refurbish them to OEM standards.

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FocalPoint™ Optimization System Case Study

After initial commissioning in 2011, this 700 MW advanced supercritical boiler, originally supplied by Foster Wheeler, was later modified to improve operation of its distributed control system (DCS), air quality control system to accommodate high-sulfur coal, and turbine.

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Valent BioSciences LLC Case Study

Valent BioSciences LLC (VBC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, operates a biorational product manufacturing facility in Osage, Iowa. The first purpose-built biorational manufacturing plant in the world, the facility supplies products derived from fermentation using locally grown agricultural raw materials.

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Longview Power: Maidsville, WV

Titanium® intelligent sootblowing improves performance at 700 MW plant.

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