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Waste-Fired Power Plant Case Study

The Sundsvall waste-fired power plant is the first plant with B&W’s new cast water-cooled grate bars. The boiler is designed with three-vertical passes and horizontal convection part.

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Recovered Non-Shredding WtE Case Study

Forus 2's recovered energy is utilized for the inhabitants of Sandnes, Sola and Stavanger. Typically, shredding of waste can easily cost about 15 € per ton which is not needed with this B&W solution.

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Combustible Fractions of Waste-to-Energy Case Study

The Filbornaverket waste-to-energy plant in Helsingborg produces steam, district heating and electricity. The main fuel is combustible fractions of waste from households, industry and businesses. The plant uses the region’s large quantities of combustible waste to produce electricity and district heating for the local grid.

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Energy Recovery Facility Case Study

The plant processes local residual household, commercial and industrial waste. It generates 7.25 MW of green energy, contributing to Peterborough Council’s Blue Sky project to provide sustainable energy in a smart city environment.

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Millmerran Power Station Case Study

Plant Name
Millmerran Power Station
Units 1 and 2

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Southwestern Electric Power Company-Fulton, Arkansas

Southwestern Electric Power Company
American Electric Power
Fulton, Arkansas

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American Electric Power (AEP) Case Study

When plant operators observed that the unit could not light off, they called upon B&W to help assess the condition of the ignition equipment and develop a plan to refurbish it to safe, reliable operation. Read how we worked with plant personnel to pull all 96 of the unit’s ignitors and refurbish them to OEM standards.

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FocalPoint™ Optimization System Case Study

After initial commissioning in 2011, this 700 MW advanced supercritical boiler, originally supplied by Foster Wheeler, was later modified to improve operation of its distributed control system (DCS), air quality control system to accommodate high-sulfur coal, and turbine.

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Valent BioSciences LLC Case Study

Valent BioSciences LLC (VBC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, operates a biorational product manufacturing facility in Osage, Iowa. The first purpose-built biorational manufacturing plant in the world, the facility supplies products derived from fermentation using locally grown agricultural raw materials.

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Longview Power: Maidsville, WV

Titanium® intelligent sootblowing improves performance at 700 MW plant.

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