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Flame Doctor® Burner Diagnostic System

For individual burner optimization

The Flame Doctor® burner diagnostic system provides real-time analysis for each burner on your boiler. It analyzes individual burner performance, identifies poorly performing burners, and provides a root cause diagnosis to help guide adjustments.

The Flame Doctor system utilizes signals from existing optical flame scanners to diagnose poor operation in individual burners that contributes to excessive emissions or reduced efficiency. Overall combustion performance can be improved beyond the limits of traditional burner tuning, which relies mostly on the experience and knowledge of the combustion engineer.

Potential Benefits

  • Higher boiler efficiency through better combustion – improved CO, LOI, etc.
  • Improved combustion air distribution
  • Reduced excess air and better balanced O2
  • Improved CO emissions control
  • Improved NOx emissions


  • Quick, straightforward installation
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive Windows-based user interface
Download the Brochure (PDF)


Flame Doctor® Burner Diagnostic System


Flame Doctor® Burner Diagnostic System Interface