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All the information you need regarding Babcock & Wilcox products and technologies.

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Plant & Technical Service Bulletins

Seeking Babcock & Wilcox product and technology updates? These plant service bulletins and technical service bulletins will help.

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Long-Duration Energy Storage

B&W is actively engaged in advancing long-duration clean energy storage technologies for both immediate deployment and long-term systems up to 100 hours.

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BrightLoop™ Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production

Innovative low-carbon hydrogen production with chemical looping technology features flexible use of feedstock, various outputs, scale and applications, along with integrated CO2 isolation.

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Particulate and Acid Mists

For industrial or power utility installations, B&W's electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters provide highly efficient control of particulates and acid mists.

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Energy Recovery by Flue Gas Condensation

Flue Gas Condensation - Recover valuable energy in flue gas with a proven, cost-effective and money-saving condensation method for waste incineration applications.

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Mercury and HAPs

B&W provides integrated pollution control equipment like mercury solutions that consider variables such as fuel, flue gas and flyash composition, environmental equipment, mercury limits.

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Selective catalytic (SCR) and non-catalytic (SNCR) reduction technologies maximize NOx control system performance while optimizing reagent consumption.

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Waste Incineration Emissions

B&W offers flue gas cleaning systems to reduce atmospheric emissions, including dioxins and heavy metals, at waste-to-energy incineration plants.

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Bottom Ash Systems

B&W offers submerged grind conveyors and dewatering bin bottom ash systems.

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