Nordforbrænding: Hørsholm, Denmark
Waste-to-Energy Plant

The plant Nordforbrænding is owned by five municipalities (Hørsholm, Allerød, Fredensborg, Elsinore, and Rudersdal) in the northern part of Zealand in Denmark covering a population of approximately 200,000 inhabitants. Nordforbrænding contracted a new waste-to-energy line to be completed in 2016.

The new waste-to-energy line will be based on our NextBAT® technology securing a very high energy recovery and very low emissions. The R1 value is actually more than 100% above the threshold value of 0.65. After completion of the new furnace line 5 in August 2016, the plant will produce heat and power from line 4 and 5 only and replace the existing three worn down B&W Vølund lines from 1969 and 1989. The existing furnace line 4, from 1998, will remain in operation.

The new line 5 naturally fulfills all requirements that will be presented in the coming waste incineration BREF in 2013. This is the core of our NextBAT® technology.

Nordforbrænding is located in the middle of Hørsholm, an affluent northern suburb of Copenhagen, and has been accepted by the neighbors as a good solution to waste management and energy supply.

 Plant Design Data (per line)
Process Parameters Guaranteed Values*  Units 
R1 Value  1.33  
Waste Capacity  10  t/h
Heat Value, Lower  12.5 MJ/kg 
Steam Output 43.6  t/h
Steam Temperature  400 °C 
Steam Pressure  50 Bar
Gross Electric Output  7.5 MW
District Heating Output  22.9 MW
Boiler Outlet Flue Gas Temp. 160 °C
Feed Water Temperature  130 °C

Flue Gas Values**
             Before Cleaning               
   Guaranteed Values*      Units
NOx*** 100 Mg/Nm3
CO*** 10 Mg/Nm3
NH3*** 5 Mg/Nm3
TOC 5 Mg/Nm3
* All values refer to 11% O2 dry gas
** The plant limit values comply with the EU Directive on Waste Incineration. Naturally, the plant is equipped with a modern flue gas cleaning system.
*** 24-hour average

The new furnace line will be housed in its own building, which will be the same length and height as the existing building and have a width of 12 meters.

Facts: New furnace line at Nordforbrænding

  • The new combined heat- and power-producing wasteto-energy line shall be designed for burning 10 tonnes of waste per hour and operate independently from the other lines. Steam data are 50 bar/400 ˚C.
  • The plant’s energy efficiency will increase from its current level of 70% to 99% in the future.
  • Together, furnace lines 4 and 5 will still be able to process 152,000 tonnes of waste annually.
  • With the new furnace line, Nordforbrænding will be able to produce double its production of electricity and 30% more district heating.
  • The plant’s electricity production will reach 80 GWh/year, corresponding to the electricity consumption of 15,000 detached houses.
  • The plant’s heat production will reach 370 GWh/year, corresponding to the heat consumption of 25,000 detached houses.
  • The new boiler can process several types of fuel other than waste, such as biomass and sludge. This means that the plant is future-proof and can be used for energy supply and waste treatment in several ways.

Babcock and Wilcox Vølund will supply;

  • Our DynaGrate® is unique in its fuel flexibility, optimised combustion and minimal maintenance costs.
  • A multi-pass boiler.
  • VoluMixTM forms a complete burnout in the gas phase by injecting air into the combustion zone.
  • An ash treatment system.
  • An advanced NOx treatment technology.

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